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Natural gas flow meter

Natural gas flow meters are used in order to measure natural gas. These meters are constructed out of robust materials and are sold at an affordable price point. This is very important to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Natural gas flow meters are used for measuring certain elements such as methane, propane, hydrogen sulfide, butane and CO2. By using the correct measurement tools such as the natural gas flow meter, this process is simple and effortless. Measuring these different gaseous compositions is very important. Ensuring the natural gas flow meter is reliable is one of the best ways to ensure complete accuracy during the process.

Natural gas flow meter types

There are different types of natural gas flow meters such as ones used for mass flow measurement and ones used for volumetric flow measurement. Mass flow measurement types include thermal dispersion flow meter and Coriolis mass flowmeter. Volumetric flow measurements types include natural gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter and DP. It is very important to differentiate the type of natural gas flow meters. In addition to the different types of gas flow meters, they each have different features and functionalities. The volumetric flow measurement is different compared to the mass flow measurement according to experts. Volumetric means relating to the measurement of volume. This is important for a clear overall understanding of both types of meters. These meters are constructed with high quality material and are built to last. The main benefit of these meters is their affordable price.

The Features of Natural Gas Meters

✔ Natural gas meters are electronic with natural gas flow meter totalizer. It is very important for the meter to be digital and have a clear display. A clear display helps various outputs and protocols.
✔  The natural gas flow meter also has inline natural gas flow meter. The in-line gas flow sensor has many sizes and starts from DN3. The in-line sensor is also used for different sizes, such as 1 inch,2 inch ,3” or 4” gas flow sensor.
✔  There are also different rate units for the natural gas flow meter.  Different natural gas flow rate units options: SCFM, m3/h, Nm3/h, Kg/h, total flow units m3, g, Kg, Nm3,NL, CFM 
✔  There are also various process connections. The process connections for natural gas flow meters are flange, thread and insertion type. The thermal gas meter does not require external temperature and pressure compensation or correction.
✔  The power supply for the natural gas flow meter is 24V or possible with 220V AC.
The thermal dispersion mass flow meter can also detect low gas flow. By detecting low gas flow, the meter is able to assist the user in the most effective way possible.

Conclusion on Natural Gas Flow Meters

As stated previously, these are the main types of gas flow meters. Both mass flow and volumetric flow are used in the industry on a consistent basis. These are important types of natural gas flow meters. There are different types of gases identified in this process including methane, CO2, hydrogen sulfide, propane and nitrogen. These are common gases that have a variety of different uses and purposes. As a result, the meter can properly and accurately identify and measure these gases.

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