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Epoxy Resin and Hardener Flowmeters

Epoxy Resin and Hardener Flowmeters

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    Low flow high viscosity flow meter

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In industries where epoxy resin and hardener are used, precise measurement of their flows is crucial for ensuring quality and consistency in production. Coriolis flow meters are indispensable tools for accurately measuring the flow rates of these essential components.

Coriolis flow meters work on a simple principle: as the epoxy resin and hardener flow through a vibrating tube, the Coriolis effect causes the tube to twist. This twisting is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the substances passing through the meter. By measuring this twist, the flow meter can precisely determine the mass flow rates of both the epoxy resin and the hardener. The mass flow can be 20 kg/min, 180 kg/min or 200 kg/min.

One of the significant advantages of Coriolis flow meters is their ability to measure the flow of viscous liquids like epoxy resin with high accuracy, for example , epoxy resin viscosity can reach to 1300-1600mPa.s. Unlike other flow meter technologies that may struggle with viscous substances, Coriolis flow meters excel in accurately measuring the flow rates of thick fluids like resin and hardener.

Furthermore, Coriolis flow meters offer excellent reliability and stability, making them ideal for continuous monitoring and control of epoxy resin and hardener flows in industrial processes. Their robust construction and minimal moving parts ensure long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Another benefit of using Coriolis flow meters for epoxy resin and hardener flow measurement is their versatility. These flow meters can handle a wide range of flow rates and are suitable for various pipe sizes, making them adaptable to different production setups and applications. Normal request epoxy resin and hardener flow sensor size is 6mm,10mm,1/2”, 3/4 inch , 1inch or 1.5” and so on.

Additionally, Coriolis flow meters provide real-time measurements, such as epoxy resin and hardener viscosity, flow rate, total flow, temperature, allowing operators to monitor and adjust flow rates promptly to maintain optimal process conditions. This real-time data can also be integrated into process control systems for automated production control through MODBUS RUT, further enhancing efficiency and consistency in epoxy resin and hardener processing.

In conclusion, Coriolis flow meters are highly effective tools for accurately measuring the flow rates of epoxy resin and hardener in industrial applications. Their ability to handle viscous fluids, reliability, versatility, and real-time monitoring capabilities make them indispensable for ensuring quality and efficiency in the production of epoxy-based products.
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