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Solvent flow meter

We often use oval gear flow meter (PD flow meter) or turbine flow meter (TUF) to measure industrial solvent or chemical flow rate. Solvent is a kind of liquid which has lower density than water, both oval flow meter and turbine flow meter sensor can achieve high accuracy and efficiency solvent flow rate measurement in dispense quantities.
solvent flow meter

Oval gear flow meter for solvent flow rate measurement

Oval flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter which is a perfect choice for non-lubricating solvent-based liquid. It has rugged construction and can work on a wide viscosity range, especially good high viscosity flow meter, Silver Automation Instruments sell wide flow meter sensors for various flow ranges, the min size we can supply is DN2mm micro oval gear flow meter which can detect solvent flow as low as 0.5Ml/min.
In-line volumetric solvent flow meter
Mechanical flow meter or flow meter with digital display or electronic transmitter
Oval gear does not require flow conditioning; no straight piping runs are required
High accuracy solvent flow meter which can have 0.2% or 0.5% accuracy
Option with tiny micro oval flow meter option

Liquid turbine flow meter for industrial solvent flow metering

Turbine flow meter is a kind of low price cost and economical solvent flow meter, the rotor in the turbine flow meter sensor is suspended by a bearings which gives it nearly no drag coefficient . it is suited to measure low viscosity solvent flow rate , it can give precise measurement of instantaneous flow rates and flow quantities of liquid solvent.
Digital flow meter option with electrical output: pulse or 4-20Ma
Option with HART or RS 485 protocol
End fittings: flange, thread or wafer or tri-clamp
All stainless steel flow meter, 304 or 316 stainless steel
In-line type flow meter, sensor size from DN4 to DN250

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