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Micro flow meter for water

Micro flow meter for water

Precise Measurement with Micro Flow Meters for Water

Micro flow meters are the unsung heroes in accurately measuring tiny water flows. The LC-M Series, a positive displacement flow meter, excels in detecting ultra-mini water flow, as low as 0.5 ml/min, while maintaining an outstanding accuracy of 0.5%F.S.

Working Principle of micro water flow meter

At the heart of these micro flow meters are gear-like rotors within a cavity. As the gears rotate, they create fixed volumes within the chamber. By counting the number of rotations within a set time, these micro water meters precisely measure the flow of water passing through.

Technical Specifications of micro flow meter water

The LC-M micro flow meters boast impressive technical specs for low flow water measurement:
  • - High Accuracy: +/-0.5FS
  • - Operating temperature range: -30~80°C (extendable to 250°C)
  • - Pressure handling: Up to 14503 PSI, can be used as high pressure micro water flow meter
  • - Output options: Hall pulse output, NPN or PNP
  • - Power supply: 4-26V DC
  • - Material options: Stainless steel 316L, aluminum, or PPS
  • - Suitable for various water pipeline sizes: 3/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1"

Features and Technology of micro water flow meter

  • Sensitive Measurement Mechanisms: These micro water flow meters often use sensitive sensors to measure tiny flow rates accurately.
  • Compact Size: Designed to be small and compact, fitting into systems where space is limited or where the measurement area is confined.
  • High Accuracy and Resolution: micro water flow meter is capable of providing highly accurate readings and detecting minor variations in water flow rates.
  • Low Flow Performance: Specifically calibrated to perform well at water low flow rates, ensuring accuracy even with minimal water passing through.
  • Flow Control Capabilities: micro water flow meters are integrated with systems that enable flow control based on the measured data.

Range of Flow Capacities of micro flow meter

The LC-M Series PD type micro water flow meter offers a wide spectrum of flow capacities to suit diverse applications:
- LC-M2: 0.5-150 ml/min
- LC-M5.2: 1-400 ml/min
- LC-M5.1: 1~800ml/min
- LC-M6: 0.5~100 L/H
- LC-M9: 6~600 L/H
- LC-M12: 0.3~30 L/min
- LC-M25-AL: 0.5~100L/min

Importance and Applications

These micro flow meters play a crucial role in precise water flow measurement across industries. Their ability to detect minute flows ensures accurate dosing, monitoring, and control, especially in applications like laboratory experiments, pharmaceuticals, and small-scale manufacturing.


Micro flow meters from the LC-M Series offer exceptional precision in measuring small water flows. With their robust specifications and diverse flow ranges, they stand as indispensable tools across industries, ensuring accuracy and control in processes where even the tiniest water flow matters.
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