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Small Coriolis flow meter/mass flow controller

Small Coriolis flow meter/mass flow controller

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What is small Coriolis flow meter?

Conventional Coriolis flow meters are used for large flow measurements, such as 50Mt/h, 100 Mt/h or even higher.  SH-CMF-FE successfully applies Coriolis flow technology to very low flow measurement, such as 40g/h, 10 kg/h.etc, and integrates PID controller and batch function inside to realize ultra low flow control or low flow quantities l feeding, it is P&ID mass flow meter.

Performance and principle of digital mass flow meter

Coriolis mass flow meters are highly regarded for their measurement accuracy and independence from fluid properties. The SH-CMF-FE contains a uniquely shaped single-loop transducer that forms part of the oscillation system. When the micro flow rate fluids flows through the sensor circuit, the Coriolis force causes a variable phase shift, which is detected by the micro flow sensor and transmitted to the integrated DSP processor on the circuit board for calculation. The output signal generated by this variable phase shift is strictly proportional to the actual mass flow, which can achieve unparalleled ultra-high performance even under the conditions of changing pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity. SH-CMF-FE simultaneously measures ultra low flow and outputs fluids mass flow, fluid density and temperature, it is ultra low small flow meters and ultra low-flow mass flow controller.

Laboratory and industrial use miniaturized flow meter

The SH-CMF-FE series miniaturized mass flow measuring instruments offer two levels of accuracy: ±0.25% for liquid measurements or ±0.5% for gas measurements. Low flow mass flow meter is enough to meet the needs of most customers. It can be used in various experiments in laboratories ,lab-scale small flow meter and in industrial environments with complex working conditions.

Applications of low flow rate Coriolis flow meter

The SH-CMF-FE series ultra low flow mass flow meter can be used in process fluid measurement or control systems in the food, (petro) chemical and pharmaceutical industries, fermentation equipment, semiconductor processing and fuel cell technology. The fluids Mini Coriolis flow meter can handle is that: pure water, silicone, Silicon-based liquid, aviation kerosene, diesel, supercritical CO2, liquid feedstock injected into the reactor,silane,etc .SH-CMF-FE Series mini Coriolis flow meter is mini cori flow low price replacement for alicat,bronkhorst .

SH-CMF-FE Series mini Coriolis Flow Meter Features and Specifications

  • Low flow rate flow meter is direct measurement of mass flow
  • Ultra low flow meter still keep high accuracy: accuracy: gas up to ±0.5%F.S, liquid up to ±0.25%
  • Small Coriolis flow meter is without dead zone
  • Digital low flow meter solution with fast response and fast adjustment
  • Digital mass flow Controller has high precision and good repeatability
  • Integrated PID controller to regulate flow, small coriolis flow meter P&ID function
  • Cost-effective,low price mini Coriolis flow meter cost starts from $5100
  • Ultra low small flow meters has high reliability and long life
  • No thermal drift, negligible temperature and time drift
  • Simultaneous output of fluid density and temperature
  • High viscosity fluid and high density gas can be measured, low flow high viscosity flow meter
  • Not noticeable to ambient vibration for micro Coriolis flow meter
  • Flow range available for ultra low flow mass flow meter and mass flow controller:0~40g/h,10000 g.h-1,50 kg/h,0~0.02 kg/s,176 lbs/h,0~1.7 g/min,330 lb/h, 0~200 kg/h, 0.08kg/s,0~0.4 Mt/h, 0~8.33 kg/min, 0~800 kg/h, 0~1 ton/h.
  • Fluids operation temperature is max 70℃ , but can still make custom high temperature coriolis flow meter;
  • Digital mass flow meter and flow controller Output 0~5V,1~5V or 4-20mA, MODBUS RUT RS232 or RS485
  • Wet parts mateiral: stainless steel 316L ,suitable for a lot fluids measurement
  • Process connection: φ6,φ8,φ10,φ12mm compressing fitting ,flange.,etc
  • IP40
  • Digital micro flow meter and flow controller power supply: ±15VDC,24VDC

How Coriolis Flow meter looks like ?

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