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8” Electromagnetic flow meter

8” Electromagnetic flow meter

What is 8 inch magnetic flow meter?

8 inch magnetic flow meter means mag flow sensor is 8 inches ( DN200).The principle of 8 inch magnetic type flow meter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The inductive flow meter is used to measure the conductive liquid in the closed pipeline, and the full bore electromagnetic flow meter is mainly used to measure the volume flow of the conductive liquid and the slurry in the closed pipeline, including acid, alkali, salt and other highly corrosive liquids. 8” magnetic flow sensor is also speed flow meters.

Technical specifications of DN200 magnetic type flow meter

  • 8 inch EM flow meter can measure river water, portable water, drinking water, waste water, slurry , sludge, paper pulp, dirty water, clean water ,well water, portable water, cooling water, sewage, sea water, raw water
  • Flow range for 8” magnetic flow meter: 54-1080 m3/h, that is 237 GPM~4755 GPM
  • Magnetic flow indicator to show flow rate and totalized flow
  • Battery operated electromagnetic flow meter or 24V DC , 220VAC power supply
  • Carbon steel material or stainless steel option
  • Insertion  8 inch magnetic flow meter or inline type mag meter
  • Remote display or option with integral display
  • 8 inch magnetic flow transmitter with 4~20mA output and pulse output , has options for HART, RS485, Profibus-DP, GPRS
  • Low price DN200 magnetic flow meter starts from $ 750
  • China flow meter with low price and fast delivery

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