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DN200 Magnetic flow meter

DN200 Magnetic flow meter

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What is DN200 Magnetic inductive flow meter?

DN200 electromagnetic flow meter is 8 inch magnetic flow meter; it means the mag flow sensor size is 200mm or 8”. It is large size liquid flow meter.
Magnetic induction flow meters (EMF) have been used for continuous flow measurement in industrial applications for many years. DN200 mag meters are very suitable for liquids with conductivity more than 5 μS/cm. In addition to water and wastewater, other contaminated liquids are also typical applications, such as hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, sea water, sulfuric acid, chloric acid, milk, sludge, etc. The measurement principle of EMF is based on Faraday's law of induction. 8 inch magmeter is a series of digital liquid flow meter devices integrating intelligence, small and lightweight integration, multi-function, high precision, and high reliability. It consists of two parts: Mag flow sensor and magnetic flow converter.

Features of DN200 Magnetic flow meter

  • The measurement of 8 inch electromagnetic flow meter sensor is not affected by changes in liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure.
  • No moving parts in full bore magnetic flow meter flow sensor, no pressure loss, can be used as DN200 slurry flow meter.
  • Different liner and electrodes material selections for different liquid measurement, DN200 magnetic inductive flow meter can be hygienic flow meters or chemical flow meter, acid resistant flow meter.
  • DN200 magnetic flow transmitter can be display integral type flow meter or remote display flow meter, max distance between flow meter and display is 50 meters.
  • DN200 magnetic flow converter with digital LCD display, convenient parameter setting and reliable programming
  • Bidirectional flow meter, magnetic flow sensor can measure liquid with forward or reverse flow.
  • Flow meter converter can have frequency, pulse or 4-20mA output, option with HART, MODBUS, and PROFIBUS-DP
  • DN200 electromagnetic flow meter technical specifications
  • Suitable liquid: clean water, sewage, well water, effluent, portable water, sea water, dirty water, pulp, sludge, urea, white liquid or other acid or alkaline liquid.
  • DN200 magnetic type flow meter flow range: 54-1080 m3/h, 237-4755 GPM
  • Flange face to face distance of DN200 inline magnetic flow meter is 350mm
  • Option with insertion type magnetic flow meter or inline type magnetic water flow meter
  • Turn down ratio: 20:1
  • Housing or flange material options for 8 inch mag flow sensor: carbon steel or stainless steel 304
  • DN200 Magnetic flow meter price starts from 800 $
  • Flange standard or rating: DIN PN16, PN10, PN40, ANSI 150LB, 300LB, JIS 10K. etc

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