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Wastewater flow measurement-Magnetic Flow water

A magnetic wastewater flow meter is an electromagnetic flowmeter. A magnetic field is applied to the meter tube which causes a potential difference depending on the flow of velocity of the right angle to the magnetic field line. The best part of the magnetic flow meter is that it doesn’t have any moving parts making it ideal for use in dirty fluids or wastewater, it can measure wastewater containing solids, or industrial acid waste water by choosing different liners or electrodes. The flow meters are best for low maintenance or low-pressure situations. They are the most used flowmeters because they deliver excellent results. They are used on all commercial pipe dimensions.

They are high-tech devices that measure the flow rate of sewage, dirty water or wastewater efficiently. Industries use the flow meters daily. It produces flow data of waste chemicals, Wastewaters, pharmaceutical, and beverages. Magnetic flow meters are categorized based on driving systems which are ultrasonic, mechanical, electromagnetic and pressure.
Mechanical flow meters are the traditional water meters which are still in use. They use wheels or turbines that are inserted into pipes to measure the speed of water and also calculate the amount of water flowing through the section of pipe area they are located. They come in different type with the common types being gear and piston meters. Ultrasonic flow meters have more benefits compared to their mechanical counterparts. They can be used to measure any type of fluids. Since they are not mechanical, they have low maintenance costs. They are also more reliable than mechanical and simpler to operate because they don’t need to be inserted inside a pipe but can be clamped to the outside. Mag meter is a kind of electronic waste water flow meter which has various outputs and communications.

Principle of electromagnetic flowmeter

The meter works according to Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction to know the process of fluid flow. The magnetic flow meter uses the following Faraday’s law of electromagnetic.

  • E = BLV
  • Where,
  • E = induced voltage
  • B = flux density
  • L = Length of conductor which is the diameter of the closed channel (cm)
  • V = Average velocity of conductor (fluid) in cm/sec


  • - It is used to measure the flow rates of conducting liquids, so waste water can be used,can be used as watewater flow meter.
  • - Used to measure bidirectional flows of sewage.
  • - Used to measure flow rates of corrosive, slurry and abrasive waste water.


  • - They don’t obstruct fluid flow hence doesn’t reduce fluid pressure
  • - Doesn’t matter if the flow is turbulent or laminar
  • - Gives accurate results of waste water measurement
  • - High-reliability rate since it gives standard performance for a very long time
  • - Can handle greasy fluids that even contain suspended solids
  • - The fluids measurement is independent of density, viscosity, pressure and temperature
  • - Electronic mag flow meter with 4-20mA output and pulse output
  • - Digital flow indicator to show liquid total flow and flow rate
  • - Option with various power supply, such as 220V AC, 24V DC and battery


  • - The fluid must satisfy specific conduction conditions
  • - The liquid must fit into the pipe for accurate results.
  • - Gas and air bubbles can cause errors.


The magnetic flow meter is normally used to measure the flow of liquids in pipes. The liquid measured must be a good conductor of electricity and should be homogeneous. The material of the pipe should also be considered when installing a magnetic flow meter. If you are looking for cheaper ways of measuring liquid flow, such as waste water or sewage, the magnetic flow meter is your best bet.

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