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Magnetic flow meters-history, advantages and limitations

The accelerated growth of the Electromagnetic flowmeter

There has been a surge in the electromagnetic flowmeter market, due to increased demand for these products it has shown a significant upturn in profits for companies involved in the research, development and production of these products. Market trends indicate that these figures will continue an upward trend in the years to come. Significant steps have been made in the technological advancement of these products, making them more reliable and accurate, they can not support a much more extensive range of applications

How exactly do magnetic flow meter function?

Utilising Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, these magmeters are used to measure the rate that a liquid passes through a pipe. These generate magnetic fields and pass them through conductive liquids, using magnetic meters to measure the flow. When conductive liquids pass through a magnetic field, they create a voltage signal. This signal is then picked up by the electrodes of the device which detect the strength of the signal of the volts and use these figures to compute flowrate of the pipe.

Magnetic flow meter-FUNCTION

The introduction of direct current

The speed the liquid flows at dictates the number of volts that are generated. When these were first invented (AC), or alternating current was the choice for creating the magnetic field. AC meter needed little or no adjustment to allow for noise. The direction these devices moved in changed dramatically in 1974 when DC or direct current was introduced.

As a consequence they invented pulsed direct current meters, they were primarily introduced to as an alternative to the noisier AC machines, they immediately grew in popularity and are still the flowmeter of choice today, they dominate the market for magnetic flow meters. Recent advances in technology have led to the introduction of higher strength direct current magnetic flowmeters. These are capable of producing far more powerful signals while creating much lower levels of noise than older generations of flowmeters.

Here are some of the advantages of using a full bore electromagnetic flowmeter

Keeping in mind the reasons outlined above these meters are rapidly becoming the product of choice for companies looking to replace their outdated DP or differential pressure, turbine and positive displacement meters in many different applications.

Why are magnetic flowmeters replacing DP flowmeters?

differential pressure flow meter china silver instruments

Differential pressure flow meters are dependent on a primary element to generate an accurate flow measurement These fundamental elements are far more prone to wear as time goes by, this results in inaccurate readings and a reduction in the accuracy of the flowmeters measurement capabilities. The newer, more accurate magnetic flow meters do not contain a primary element. They are therefore not susceptible to the same dangers of inaccuracies on the long term from wear to the device. As well as being inaccurate in the long term DC flowmeters can result in a loss of pressure, another factor that you do not need to worry about if you install an electromagnetic flowmeter.

Why should you choose a mag meter?

When you compare a mag meter to a turbine or a positive displacement flowmeter, the primary advantage of a mag meter is that that the main meter sensor is designed to have no moving parts. Anytime a device has a moving part; it is subject to wear and thus is less reliable than a meter with no moving parts. Methods that last longer are safer and cheaper in the long term. This is why they are increasingly becoming the product of choice when users are looking for a solution that involves measuring conductive liquids. The flow tubes that come with an electromagnetic flowmeter have been tested to be highly durable and as a consequence are unlikely to degrade.

In conclusion, an electromagnetic flowmeter offers a more reliable and stable solution for the long term measurement of conductive liquids, as they have no moving part that will need maintenance or replacing in the short term, These are the primary reasons that these meters are increasingly replacing the older more antiquated measurement devices that have long since served their purpose. These have become the water meter of choice in Europe and have been widely installed in food processing and paper pulping factories around the continent.
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