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Ozone gas flow meter

Ozone gas flow meter

Why need Ozone gas flow meter ?

Ozone gas, the chemical formula is O3, ozone gas will be oxidized by oxygen to oxygen, so the gas flow measurement environment is vacuum. The flow rate of ozone in the enclosed pipeline is relatively small and slow; perhaps the small flow rate is only 0-25lpm.
But Ozone gas is very important in many industries: Ozone gas has strong oxidizing properties, and ozone can fade most organic pigments. It can slowly corrode rubber and cork and oxidize organic unsaturated compounds. Commonly used in below applications: disinfection and sterilization of beverages, air purification, bleaching, water treatment and drinking water disinfection. In industrial production and manufacturing, the flow rate measurement of ozone flow is also necessary, but the measurement of ozone flow is quite difficult. Because the ozone flow is measured in a vacuum environment, the flow is relatively small, and many gas flow meters cannot be used, such as gas turbine flow meters. Vortex flow meter and so on.

Ozone gas flowmeter-thermal gas mass flowmeter

Thermal flow meters use the principle of thermal diffusion, which is a technology with excellent performance and high reliability under harsh conditions. When the thermal flowmeter has two temperature sensors placed in the gas, one of the sensors is heated to a temperature above the ambient temperature, and the other temperature sensor is used to sense the temperature of the gas. Thermal gas can measure the tiny flow of gas, it can also be applied to the measurement of gas in a vacuum environment, and thermal mass flow meter  can be used to measure the flow of ozone gas .

Technical parameters for measuring ozone flow with thermal gas flow meter:

  • Ozone gas flow sensor size : 1/2”, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2inch , 3 inch, 4 inch, 6” or 8”;
  • Low flow rate gas measurement with low flow rate: ml/min, L/h
  • Can be used in vacuum environment
  • Digital display to show Ozone gas flow rate and total flow
  • RS485, MODBUS RTU communication
  • Ozone gas flow meter price starts from $700, low price cost
  • Can be used in Hazardous area
  • Digital gas flow meter 24V DC or 220V AC
  • Option with relay outputs

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