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High temperature mass flow meter

High temperature mass flow meter refers to the mass flow measurement instruments which can bear media with high temperature.

Flow Meters have come with their unique features. This also brings in the differences in terms of performance and also its usage. Today Silver Automation Instruments would like us to focus on two types of meters. These are the Coriolis mass flow transmitter and the thermal mass flow meters. These two flow meters are different in a way and perfume some different functions. This is two kind mass flow meters which can bear high temperature up to 572 or  662 .

Features of Coriolis mass flow meter for high temperature measurement

Coriolis meter is an exciting flow sensor. The reason is that it can measure the mass flow of the fluid while in the pipeline. This makes it a very important meter to work with.  Its accuracy is exceptional. They are also made in such a way that they can measure the fluids with a bigger rangeability directly. This is another feature of this kind of mass meter flow. This meter also measures fluids with varying viscosity with little ease. This mass flow sensor can also be used to measure the rate at which gas is flowing. This is when it is used for gaseous purposes. This mass flow meter has no obstruction on the moving parts. This makes it very convenient for the flow of the fluids.

High temperature Coriolis mass flow meter can max bear temperature up to 350 .

high temperature mass flow meter-Coriolis flow transmitter

Application of Coriolis mass meter flow

This mass flow meter has been greatly used in the chemical industries. This is where the fluids being transported are highly corrosive. This meter flow has been made in such a way that it can suit this purpose very well. It can also be used in situations where the physical properties of the fluid are not known. This is because of its exciting features hence they can perfume these functions well.

Advantages of Coriolis mass meter flow

This Coriolis mass flow meter is always very cool the reason is that its accuracy is exceptional. The accuracy when it comes to density is also very high. This meter also requires no outlets or inlets. The meter cannot be affected by pressure, viscosity or even temperature. This makes this meter very good. High temp Coriolis flow meter often comes with remote digital display , high temperature media does not have any effect on the mass flow sensor performance and accuracy .

Uses of high temperature thermal mass flow meter

These thermal dispersion flow meters are majorly used in the regulation of the gas or air flows. Their work is majorly on the mass flow measurement of gaseous media. They maintain the mass flow probe at a constant temperature by measuring the temperature change. It also measures the energy that is required to introduce the amount of heat required to be introduced on the flowing contents. Thermal mass flow meter can max bear high temperature of gas or air upto 300 ,such as flue gas, combustion gas, exhaust gas.,etc

Advantages of thermal mass flow meter

This gas mass flow meter has been made in such a way that it works independently of viscosity, density, and even pressure. It also offers high accuracy on its measuring side. This mass flow sensor has been found to have a very low drop when it comes to pressure. It is also used to measure direct gas mass flow. It has large turndown ratio to measure wide range gas, it can also can detect gas at low flow rate.

high temperature mass flow meter

Applications of thermal mass flow meter

Their major application is the regulation of gas flows in air or gas companies. They work in such a way that they can either introduce a known amount of heat in the flowing contents to maintain the temperature. They also measure the energy required to perfume the task. The thermal mass flow meter is always very good when it comes to its functions. High temperature thermal mass flow meter provide a economical solution for large pipelines gas measurement when coming to high temperature applications, insertion type mass flow meter is low price cost even for high temperature measurement.

High temperature Vortex flow meter

Vortex flow meter is a kind of velocity flow meter, Silver Automation Instruments sell vortex flow meter with built-in temperature and pressure compensation, one vortex flow sensor can detect fluids temperature, pressure and volumetric flow , vortex flow transmitter can calculate the mass flow which is often used in steam measurement. Vortex flow meter can max bear high temperature upto 300 .

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