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Coriolis Flowmeters for Measuring Low-Temperature Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Coriolis Flowmeters for Measuring Low-Temperature Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Coriolis flow meters used in low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures measurement

In industries dealing with low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, precise measurement is paramount for operational efficiency. Coriolis flowmeters emerge as a superior choice for this task due to their ability to handle ultra-low temperatures, exceptional accuracy, and capability to measure small flow rates. Let's explore why opting for Coriolis flowmeters for measuring low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures is a strategic decision.

Why Coriolis flow meters can be used in Cryogenic fluids measurement

Coriolis flowmeters excel in measuring low-temperature media, the min temperature it can detect is -200°C, thanks to their robust construction and materials that enable them to endure extreme temperatures. This resilience ensures reliable performance in challenging environments, making them well-suited for accurately measuring liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, often manipulated at low temperatures, for example the low temperature it can reach is around -100°C.

High accuracy cryogenic liquid mass flow measurement

One of the standout features of Coriolis flowmeters is their remarkable accuracy, especially when it comes to measuring liquid flow. Offering precision levels ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%, Coriolis meters detect even the slightest variations in flow rate, furnishing dependable data for precise process control and optimization.

Direct mass flow measurement of  Low-Temperature Liquid Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Moreover, Coriolis flowmeters employ direct mass measurement, setting them apart from other flow measurement devices. By directly measuring the mass of the flowing liquid, Coriolis meters eliminate potential errors introduced by temperature and pressure fluctuations, thereby enhancing direct mass flow measurement accuracy.

Renowned as the most accurate liquid flow measurement devices available today, Coriolis flowmeters' direct mass measurement capability, coupled with their high precision, renders them the preferred choice for industries that demand pinpoint accuracy.

Coriolis flow meters for different low tempemperature fluids measurement

In addition to their accuracy, Coriolis flowmeters offer versatility in handling a wide range of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, irrespective of viscosity or composition. This adaptability makes them suitable for diverse applications within industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical.

Low maintenance requirements for low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures mass flow measurement

Furthermore, Coriolis flowmeters boast low maintenance requirements, ensuring long-term stability and reliability. Unlike some other flow measurement devices that may necessitate frequent calibration or adjustments, Coriolis meters minimize downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring continuous operation.

Various mass flow sensors for low temperature fluids measurmenet

An added advantage of Coriolis flowmeters is their capability to measure small flow rates of liquids. For instance, we offer small mass flowmeters in sizes as small as 1/25", 1/8", and 1/4", capable of measuring flow rates as low as 10 kg/h or even lower. This ability to accurately measure small flow rates further enhances their utility in applications requiring precise measurement of low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures.


In conclusion, selecting Coriolis flowmeters for measuring low-temperature liquid hydrocarbon mixtures proves to be a strategic decision. Their ability to handle low temperatures, exceptional accuracy, direct mass measurement, versatility, and capability to measure small flow rates make them the ideal solution for industries requiring precise flow measurement. With Coriolis flowmeters, businesses can ensure efficient operations and accurate data for process optimization and control.
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