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Quality mass flow meter at low price

Our quality mass flow meters are highly regarded for their outstanding performance and advantages. With affordable prices, fast delivery, excellent quality, and stable performance, they are the ideal choice for measuring the mass flow of liquids and gases such as oil, fuel,diesel,crude oil, natural gas, LPG, compressed air, and steam. These flow meters utilize advanced technology and find applications in various industries, including industrial, petroleum, chemical, energy, and more. Chinese quality mass flow meters not only save costs but also ensure smooth production processes. They have gained widespread acclaim in both domestic and international markets, remaining the preferred choice for numerous industries.

What is mass flow meter ?

Mass flow meters are instruments used to measure the mass flow rate of a fluid passing through a given point in a system. Unlike volumetric flow meters, which measure the volume of fluid passing through a point, mass flow meters directly measure the mass of the fluid with flow unit kg/h or t/h , making them particularly useful when dealing with fluids of varying density or when the fluid composition changes.

Types of Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meter to measure liquid or gas mass flow
This type of flow meter operates on the principle of the Coriolis effect, which is the deflection of moving particles due to the rotation of the Earth. It consists of a tube that vibrates as fluid flows through it, and the Coriolis forces generated are used to measure the mass flow rate. Coriolis mass flow meter can be used to measure mass flow of fuel, oil, diesel, slurry, solvents, chemicals, LNG, CNG and so on.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter to measure gas mass flow
These meters work based on the principle that the rate of heat transfer from a heated sensor to the flowing fluid is proportional to the mass flow rate. They typically have two temperature sensors, one heated and one unheated, and measure the difference in temperature to determine mass flow. Thermal mass flow meter can be used to measure gas mass flow, such as natural gas, N2, compressed air, biogas and so on.

Vortex flow meter to measure steam or gas mass flow
Vortex flow meters are primarily used for measuring volumetric flow rates rather than mass flow rates. They operate on the principle of the von Kármán vortex street, to convert the volumetric flow rate measured by a vortex flow meter to mass flow rate, you need to know the density of the fluid being measured, by using built-in temperature and pressure sensor we calculate the steam or gas density to calculate the fluids mass flow .

Here we list normal use mass flow meters

  • Gas mass flow meterGas mass flow meter2019/01/11Digital gas mass flow meters are designed for natural gas, hydrogen gas, LPG gas, propane gas, biogas, N2, and so on in closed pipeline. Silver Automation Instruments supplies accurate and low price g...view
  • Thermal Mass Flow MeterThermal Mass Flow Meter2017/05/27China thermal mass flow meter with cheap price. Gas flow meter for compressed air flow meter,biogas flow meter ,LPG flow meter,natural gas flow meter,etcview
  • Coriolis Mass Flow MeterCoriolis Mass Flow Meter2017/04/12Coriolis Flow Meters for molasses,syrup,slurry,glucose,steam flow measurement.Buy China Coriolis meter in low price from Silver Instruments.view
  • Liquid mass flow meter-Coriolis flow meterLiquid mass flow meter-Coriolis flow meter2020/02/19The Coriolis flow meter is widely regardedas the most accurate and highest-tech liquid mass flow meter on the markettoday. Applicable across a wide variety of industrial and municipal venues, theCorio...view
  • LPG/propane mass flow meterLPG/propane mass flow meter2019/05/10We utilize Coriolis flow meter (CMF) to take measurement of LPG/propane mass flow. It has high accuracy flow measurement, can measure mix state of LPG , can be used as custody transfer flow meter.view
  • Fuel Oil Mass Flow MeterFuel Oil Mass Flow Meter2023/03/02A fuel oil mass flow meter is a type of flow meter that is specifically designed to measure the mass flow rate of fuel oil in a pipeline or process system. Coriolis flow meter is a kind of accurate fuel oil mass flow meter.view
  • Compressed air mass flow meterCompressed air mass flow meter2019/09/13Compressed air mass flow meter option isthermal mass flow meter .we also have vortex flowmeter with built-in temperature and pressure compensation/correction with can rea...view
  • CNG mass flow meterCNG mass flow meter2023/04/07Coriolis flow meters are commonly used to measure the flow rate of compressed natural gas (CNG) because of their high accuracy, reliability, and ability to handle the unique characteristics of CNGview
  • Low flow mass flow meterLow flow mass flow meter2021/03/09Low flow mass flow meter is a kind of mass flow meter which can measure fluids at ultra low flow rate with ml/min unit. We have micro thermal mass flow meter for gas or air mass flow measurement; we also have micro Coriolis flow meter for liquid mass flowview
  • Steam Mass Flow MeterSteam Mass Flow Meter2023/04/06Vortex flow meters to measure steam mass flow rate and have digital display to show steam total mass flow . Built-in temperature and pressure compensation .view
  • Natural Gas Mass Flow MeterNatural Gas Mass Flow Meter2020/01/03Thermal thermal dispersion mass flow meters are used to measure the mass flow of natural gas.It can be used be made into inline type or insertion type natural gas mass flow meter.view
  • Coriolis mass flow controllerCoriolis mass flow controller2023/07/13Low flow Coriolis mass flow controller (MFC) adopts PID algorithm to control the solenoid valve, and accurately and quickly controls the mass flow rate of the fluid with low flow rate.view Protection Status