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2“ flow meter

2“ flow meter

  • 3" gas meter


    We introduce three kinds 3" gas flow meters here : thermal mass flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter.

  • Digital flow meters for Water

    Digital flow meters for Water

    When talking about digital flow meter water, we often recommend electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter and vorte...

2 inch magnetic flow meter

2 inch magnetic flow meter
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a type flow measuring instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. Full bore mag meter is an instrument that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the flow of conductive fluid based on the electromotive force induced when the conductive fluid passes through an external magnetic field. It is a kind of digital 2” flow meter for liquid, like clean water, tap water, River.,etc
  • Sanitary flow meter to measure clean water, juice
  • Water, sewage, sea water, brine, mud and ore slurry, chemical solution
  • Acid, alkali, salt solution, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia, phosphoric acid and 50% sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide
Technical Specifications for 2” electromagnetic flow meter
  • 2” flow meter flow range: 3- 60 m3/h
  • Digital display to show liquid instant flow and total flow, remote display or integral display
  • Output current 4-20mA & pulse
  • Communication options: MODBUS,HART, PROFIBUS-DP
  • Inline 2” flow meter, option for insertion flow meter when the size higher than 4”
  • Flow meter material option: carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Power supply: 24VDC , 220VAC or battery power supply
  • Option flow units: GPM, m3/h, liter/h,kg/h

2 inch flow meter- Liquid turbine type

2 inch flow meter- Liquid turbine type
Turbine flowmeter is a type of velocity flowmeter. When the measured fluid flows through the turbine flowmeter sensor, the impeller rotates under the action of the fluid, and its speed is proportional to the average flow velocity of the pipeline. It is used to measure the flow rate of fluid flowing through a closed pipe. It can be used to measure liquid or gas.
  • Petroleum, organic liquid, inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas and cryogenic fluid
  • Boiler soft water (deionized water), pure water (highly distilled water)
  • Gas, oil, low and medium viscosity liquids, such as water, emulsions, glycol mixtures and light oils

Technical Specifications for 2” turbine flow meter
  • Flow range: 4-40 m3/h
  • Turbine flow meter with pulser to have pulse output
  • Option with digital display to show instant flow or total flow
  • 24V DC or battery power supply
  • Hart or Modbus communication options
  • Not suitable to measure viscous liquid.

2” flow meter -Thermal mass gas flow meter

2” flow meter -Thermal mass gas flow meter
Thermal gas mass flow meter is a type of gas flow sensor used to measure and control the mass flow of gas. It is designed based on the principle of thermal diffusion (heat conduction). The instrument uses a constant temperature difference method to accurately measure gas. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, Detection of air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrocarbon gas, natural gas, coal gas and other gas flow in industrial sectors such as iron and steel, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, medicine, and environmental protection.
Technical Specifications
  • Large range ratio: 1:200, wide measuring range of flow velocity: 0.5Nm/s~100Nm/s;
  • Power supply mode: 24VDC and 220VAC
  • Option with relay outputs
  • Measure gas mass flow without temperature and pressure compensation;

2 inche flow meter- Vortex flowmeter for steam measurement

2 inche flow meter- Vortex flowmeter for steam measurement
Vortex shedding flowmeter is a volume flowmeter that measures the volume flow of gas, steam, vapor or liquid, it is based on the Karman vortex principle.
  • 2” vortex flow meter is inline type industrial flow meter
  • Small pressure loss, large measuring range, and high accuracy
  • It is hardly affected by steam density, pressure, temperature, viscosity
  • There are no movable mechanical parts, need little maintenance
  • Suitable for high temperature vapor mass flow measurement, max reaches to 350°C
  • Frequency output, or pulse output, or 4-20mA output
  • Built in temperature and pressure sensor to have multi parameters measurement
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