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Juice flow meter

Juice flow meter

Juice concentrate (without solids) flow rate can be measures by turbine flow meter.
Turbine flowmeter is a kind of metering instrument that can measure a variety of liquid with good stability and high accuracy. It is especially suitable for measuring low viscosity liquid, such as water, concentrates juice, milk, diesel, editable oil, alcohol .,etc
Turbine flowmeters are velocity flowmeters, which have the advantages of high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and stability, and are widely used in food, petroleum, chemical, electric power and other fields, and are used in trade measurement.

How the turbine flow meter for juice works?

When the juice flows through the turbine flow sensor installed in the pipeline, the turbine rotates around the axis due to the impact of the juice. At the same time, the number of revolutions of the turbine rotates and the juice volume flow presents an approximate linear relationship. Then, the rotation of the turbine is transformed into a corresponding electrical pulse signal through a magneto-electric converter, and after this pulse signal is amplified by an electronic amplifying mechanism, turbine flow converter can be sent to indicate the juice flow information.

The main features of the flowmeter:

small size; light weight; high accuracy (0.5-1.0%); fast response time (it may need a few seconds to get juice flow rate reading); wide range ratio (usually 10:1 ); small pressure loss; suitable for high temperature of working fluid; output is pulse or current, RS485 ,MODBUS turbine flow transmitters is suitable for long-distance signal transmission, which is convenient for various parameter processing. When it is used in combination with a multi-function and multi-parameter digital display, it can measure, analyze and adjust parameters such as totalized flow, instantaneous flow.

Specifications of turbine flow meter for juice

  • 1. Stainless steel flow meter for juice measurement, turbine flow sensor is with SUS 304 or 316 materials which are suitable for food industry use, stainless steel flow sensor is suitable for a little bit acid juice use.
  • 2. Tri-clamp or tri-clover hygienic and sanitary process connection options, easy to install and dismount for regular juice piping cleaning;
  • 3. Juice flow meter sensors: 1/2”, 1 inch juice flow meter, 1.5 inch, 2inch juice concentrates flow meters, 3 inch or 4 inches flow meters for juice volumetric flow;
  • 4. Juice flow meter flow range
10mm flow sensor: 200lph to 1200 lph;
1/2” juice flow meter: 2.6 to 26 GPM
1” turbine flow transmitter: 1-10 m3/h
19mm or 20mm flow meter: 0.2-2.2 l/s
32mm dial size flow metering device: 25 LPM to 250 LPM
2 inch turbine flow meter: 67-667 L/MIN
3” turbine flow meter: 10-100 Cubic Meter Per Hour.
4 inch large size turbine flow meter: 20-200 m3/h;
  • 5. Digital turbine flow meter with electronic displays, option battery operated juice flow meter or 24V DC , 2 Wired Loop Powered;
  • 6. Electronic juice flow meter with RS485 or HART Protocol options;
  • 7. Turbine flow meters is with fast response , it can be used for batch control purpose, such as uses can control the motor operation with a digital output to configure the volume to serve and then stop.

Other juice flow meters

For juices without solid particles and sediments, cheap and affable turbine flow meters can obtain accurate and rapid measurements; in fact, many factories produce juices with sediments, pulp, such as pineapple juice (contain sediment), concentrate pineapple juice, fruit juice, black Ginger Juice, Mixed Juice, Juice with high Brix.,etc In this case, we can choose juice flow meters according to the budget and measurement accuracy and functions. Electromagnetic flowmeter or Coriolis mass flowmeter can also obtain good juice measurement result.
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