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A digital liquid flow meter is an instrument used in the measurement of volume or mass of a gas or a liquid. It is also known as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, and flow rate sensor, flow transmitter, flow sensor and so forth depending on the industry of its application. Its usage is applicable in cases where precision and accuracy in terms of measurement is required. There are several types of digital liquid flow meters under various applications.

Magnetic flow meter for liquid flow rate measurement

Magnetic flow meter for liquid flow rate measurement

It is a volumetric flow meter with no moving parts. Electromagnetic flow meter is convenient for applications of wastewater or any dirty liquid or clean liquid that is conductive.


The basis of its working principle is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction stating that voltage that is induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field is proportional to the velocity of that conductor.


¢ Can measure very high and very low volume flow rates.

¢ Are non-invasive with no moving parts

¢ Reduces piping costs due to a small decrease in flow meter pressure

¢ Low power usage with low electrical requirements.

¢ It has a bidirectional flow measurement

¢ Digital flow indicator to show fluids flow rate and total flow, has 4-20mA, frequency or pulse output

¢ Various communications available ,such as Hart ,Profibuds-Dp , Modbus.,etc


¢ They are applicable in measuring the flow rate of corrosive materials

¢ Used in measuring paper stock or pulp.

¢ Can be used to measure corrosive liquid flow measurement, acid resistance flow meter

Vortex flowmeter for liquid flow

Vortex flowmeter for liquid flow

Vortex flow meter is a device used to measure the flow measurements where the introduction of moving parts becomes problematic.


They operate under the vortex shedding concept where oscillating vortexes occur when a fluid flows past a bluff body. The frequency on both sides of the bluff body is equal to flow velocity and volume.


¢ It is highly accurate

¢ Has low maintenance and initial costs

¢ Low sensitivity to process condition variations

¢ Has very little pressure loss

¢ Has a wide variety of applications from gas, vapor to liquids

¢ Low price cost from China flow meter factory

¢ Digital liquid flow meter with electronic flow indicator to show media flow rate or total flow

¢ Digital vortex flow transmitter with pulse or current output


¢ Used in measuring liquids, steam and gases.

¢ Serves in metering procedures

¢ Control of liquid, steam and gas.

Turbine Flow meter

 Turbine Flow meter

It is a device used for volume sensing, which causes freely suspended blades to rotate as liquid or gas pass through its housing.


The turbine flow meter uses mechanical movement inside the meter to calculate the flow. Also equip with turbine flow transmitters with 4-20mA output or pulse output. Digital flow display can show fluids total flow and flow rate vividly.


¢ It is highly accurate

¢ It has excellent repeat-ability

¢ It has a wide measuring range

¢ It is suitable for measuring high pressure liquid

¢ It is capable of outputting pulse frequency signal or current output

¢ Digital liquid flow meter with 24VDC, 220VAC or battery power supply


¢ Used in water injection

¢ Used in natural gas pipelines

¢ Used in chemical injection by petroleum producers.

¢ Used in shipboard reverse osmosis systems

Rota meter or Variable area flow meter

Rota meter or Variable area flow meter

It is an industrial flow meter used to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquids and gases in a sealed tube.


Its principle, derived from the variable area principle, states that the flow of fluid raises a float in a tapered tube, which increases the area for passage of a liquid. The greater the flow, the higher the float is raised.


¢ It  is low cost liquid flow sensor

¢ It is capable of providing a linear scale

¢ Proper measurements for low and medium flow rates

¢ Has a nearly constant small pressure loss

¢ Usable for corrosive fluid

¢ Local flow indicator option with 4-20mA output, digital display ,rotameter with flow transmitter


¢ Used to monitor filtration loading

¢ Used in the process industry

¢ Used to control gas and water flow in labs and plants

Digital liquid flow meter -Coriolis flowmeter

Digital liquid flow meter -Coriolis flowmeter

It is a mass flow meter that is designed and works differently than other mass flow meters.


The basis of the operation of this flowmeter is on the principles of motion mechanics. It states that as fluid moves through a vibrating tube, forcing it to accelerate as it moves toward the point of peak amplitude vibration. As it exits the pipe, decelerating fluid flows away from the point of peak amplitude.


¢ It is capable of measuring mass flow with very high accuracy

¢ It can be able to measure liquids with high viscosity such as residual oil.

¢ The flow meter has several outputs for outputting instantaneous volume flow, fluid temperature and fluid density.

¢ It is capable of measuring a variety of measurable fluids including liquid-solid two-phase liquids, liquid-gas two-phase fluids and medium and high-pressure gases of sufficient mass.

¢ Digital mass flow meter to show liquid mass flow rate, liquid density on the display

¢ Electronic liquid mass flow meter with flow display, 4-20mA output, frequency output,

¢ Digital Coriolis flow meter with Modbus or option with HART.


¢ Can be used in the measuring of liquids' density and not gases.

¢ Used in handling thick abrasive materials in the automotive industry.

¢ They provide flow solutions in the food and beverage industries when brewing, batching or pasteurizing.

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