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Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

Rotameter digital, also known as variable area flow meter is a device that measures flow rates of different fluids within a wide operable range of high temperatures and pressure. This VA flow meter is specified for use in hazardous environments. It provides precise measurements, especially for corrosive liquids or low flow measurement.

Working principle

Digital metal tube rotameter works on a variable area principle. The design of this flow sensor is a simple one and consists of a tapered metallic tube. PTFE lined stainless steel, or stainless steel can be the constituent elements of this tube. The center of the tube consists of a piston or float. As the fluid flows, the pressure causes a variation in the position of the float. This float normally rests at the bottom of the tube when no flow is present due to gravitational attraction. Therefore the intensity of fluid flow causes the float to move upwards accordingly. This varied area of a float is detected by the digital flow sensor and the flow rate is measured.


  • Electronic rotameter indicator to show flow rate and total flow
  • Digital metal tube rotameter has 4-20Ma output for various process controls
  • Metallic tube rotameter comes with different power supply, such as battery, 24VDC or 220VAC
  • Digital VA flow meter also option with HART or MODBUS
  • Simple design with easy installation system
  • Its resistance to corrosion and abrasion lowers the requirement of maintenance.
  • Different configurations ranging from bottom to top and top to bottom  or horizontal rotameter are possible.
  • High temperature and pressure do not affect the accuracy of the measurement. The metal tube can withstand higher temperatures than other glass and plastic tube meters.

Rotameter digital Applications

Its commercial application includes a wide range of industries using Rotameter for various tasks. These applications involve the following functions served in different industries.

  • 1- Air conditioning industry measuring,used as hot and cold water flow meter.
  • 2- General process industries for measuring medium to large volumes of fluid.
  • 3- Water treatment plants
  • 4- Purge fluid metering in different industries.
  • 5- Pharmaceutical and food processing industries for detecting the flow of steam, gas and other liquids.

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