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Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter

Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter

  • Metal Tube Rotameter

    Metal Tube Rotameter

    HH5 Variable Area flow meter is Metal Tube Rotameter, get price now for digital rotameter,flow indicator rotameter.

  • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine flow meter is a kind of low cost digital flow meter for diesel ,petrol,water,palm oil. it is for clean, l...

Rotameter with transmitter offers 4-20mA(loop powered) also digital display for different control purposes and field monitors.HH series metal tube rotameter is suitable for high temperature( 300°C,572°F) also high pressure ( max 160bar) flow measurement, armored type VA flow meter is with rugged construction and durable performance. It can be used for low flow measurement, clean liquid, gas or steam measurement, chemical injections and so on.

Features and specifications

Flow transmitters with current (2 wire 4~20mA), pulse, HART Protocol, Modbus interface, also alarm relays.
Low pressure loss
Suitable for low flow measurement
Easy to read
Digital in-line type flow indicator to show instant flow and total flow
Vertical mounting (bottom to top) or horizontal mounting options
Low price cost and economical flow measurement device
Easy installation and low maintenance
Option with tread connection, or tri-clamp hygienic connection
Fluid temperature range: Standard-80°C ~ + 200°C; PTFE lined: 0°C ~ 85°C; High temperature type: at most 300°C
Sensor material option: 304, 316,316L, HC , PTFE(Teflon) lined for agrresive liquid measurement

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