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4 inch flow meter

Do you need 4 inch Flow meter?  Tell me, what you want to measure?

  • 4 inch Flow meter for Portable Water or Waste water?
  • 4 inch Flow meter for RO Water or condensate water ?
  • 4 inch Flow meter for Air or Natural Gas or Biogas?
  • 4 inch Flow meter for crude oil or diesel?
  • 4 inch Flow meter for Molasses or High Viscosity Fluid?

4 inch Flow meter

4 inch Flow meter for Portable Water or Waste water ?

If yes, you can choose electromagnetic flow meter, mag flowmeter is a perfect choice to measure conductive medium, such as portable water, waste water/sewage, milk, slurry, corrosive but also conductive fluids.

We have 4 inch magnetic flow meter for this applications.4” mag meter which is supplied from Silver Automation Instruments always support customers with best price and best delivery time.

4 inch Flow meter for RO Water or condensate water ?

For this application, we often recommend customers 4 inch turbine flow meter or 4” vortex flow meter. These flow meters can measure clean liquids, why we do not recommend Magnetic flow meter for RO water and condensate water? Because condensate or RO water has low conductivity, electromagnetic flow meter cannot work.

4 inch Flow meter for Air or Natural Gas or Biogas?

We often recommend 4 inch Thermal mass flow meter, 4 inch gas turbine flow meter or 4 inch Vortex flow meters for these applications.

4 inch Thermal flow meter does not require temperature and pressure compensation to have gas or air mass flow measurement. For 4” thermal flowmeter we can make flange connection or insertion type process connection. DN100 Thermal

4 inch gas turbine flow meter can measure natural gas, biogas, nitrogen/N2, oxygen/O2 and so on. 4” turbine meter can have digital display or with temperature and pressure compensation (EVC) function, we only have flange 4 inch gas turbine flow meters currently.

4 inch Vortex flow meter has wafer or flange connection, our vortex flow meter is electronic flowmeter with digital display. The measurement is volumetric result , if you need temperature and pressure compensation, you should equip RTD, pressure transmitter and flow computer to have mass flow reading.

4 inch Flow meter for crude oil or diesel?

We recommend 4 inch oval gear flow meter for the crude oil and diesel, it is a kind of positive displacement flow meter, and especially has good result for High Viscosity Fluid, like crude oil, resin and so on. 4 inch gear flow meter is really bulky and heavy ,customers should consider the shipping cost when choosing the oval meter.

For diesel we also recommend 4 inch turbine flow meters, the price is really cheap , and the good point is that it is with light weight and easy for transportation.

4 inch Flow meter for Molasses or High Viscosity Fluid?

We recommend 4 inch coriolis flow meter for the molasses or high viscosity fluid. 4” coriolis meter can have density, mass flow, temperature result on one meter. Like Oval meter, coriolis meter also has heavy weight, net weight for 4 inch coriolis flow meter is around 85 kg , and the price is also expensive.

Another chooses for high viscosity fluid is oval gear flow meter, it is much cheaper for carbon steel or cast iron material. But for stainless steel material, the price is also really expensive.

We do not mention the liquid you want to measure above article? Don’t worry; send email ( to us to consult your 4 inch flow meter for what medium measurement?

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