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2“ natural gas meter

2“ natural gas meter

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What is 2” natural gas meter?

2” natural gas meter means 2 inch size or we can say DN50 flow meter to measure natural gas flow rate and total flow. Turbine flow meter is acknowledged a perfect flow meter for natural gas.
Gas turbine flowmeter is actually a device used to detect the flow rate and flow of gas in a gas pipeline in a closed state, and it is a typical velocity flow meter. Gas turbine flowmeter has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, high flexibility, small and compact volume, simple operation, and low failure rate. It is the mainstream gas measurement device in the field of gas measurement. 2” natural gas flow measurement is a normal request for turbine flow meter.
With the deepening of understanding, the application of flow meter has gradually expanded to oil fields, chemical industries, and urban natural gas projects. It is a very ideal gas measurement instrument so far.

Principle of 2” natural gas meter

2” Turbine flowmeter for natural gas is a speed flowmeter composed of turbine, sensor, preamplifier, induction coil, housing, etc. The flowmeter's impeller rotates under this force as natural gas enters the gas stream mounted on the duct. The rotational angular velocity of the turbine wheel is proportional to the gas flow over a range of flow rates. Therefore, the gas flow rate can be obtained from the rotational angular velocity of the turbine, and thus the gas flow through the turbine flow meter tube can be calculated. Turbine flow meter is widely used in measurement of petroleum, natural gas, biogas, LPG gas, light hydrocarbon gas and other gases. In the natural gas industry, it has gradually become the preferred handover of industrial gases and measuring instruments for urban gas in my country. In the calibration of turbine flowmeters, we found that in addition to the normal measurement deviation of the system caused by the structure of the flowmeter itself, most turbine flowmeters have different degrees of wear, corrosion and clogging during the verification period, whichn cause of error of natural gas turbine flow meters.

Features of 2” natural gas meter

  • High accuracy & good repeatability
  • Small pressure loss
  • Low initial flow
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Turbine gas flow transmitters are option with temperature and pressure compensation
  • Wide measurement range
  • Convenient installation and use

Specifications of 2” natural gas meter

  • Principles: Gas turbine flow meter
  • Flow range options for 2” natural gas meter
  • S1: 6-65 m3/h, 100-1083 LPM, 23-246 GPM, 3.5-38 CFM,
  • S2:10-100 m3/h, 167-1667 LPM, 44-440 GPM, 5.8-59 CFM,
  • W1:5-70 m3/h, 83-1167 LPM, 22-308 GPM, 3-41 CFM,
  • W2:8-100 m3/h, 133-1667 LPM, 35-440 GPM, 4.7-59 CFM,
  • Natural gas flow units: m3/h,Nm3/h, GPM, CFM.,etc
  • 2” Natural gas meter accuracy: 1.0% R or 1.5% R;
  • Repeatability: 0.005% R-0.2% R;
  • Flange rating: PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, 150lb, 300LB, 600#, JIS 10K, 20K;
  • Flange face to face length: 200mm,8 inches;
  • 2” natural gas flow transmitter output: 4-20mA,pulse
  • Option communication:RS485, MODBUS;HART Protocol;
  • Stainless steel natural gas flow meter;
  • Hazardous areas for natural gas: ExdIIC T6
  • Digital display to direct read natural gas consumption and flow rate;
  • Power supply: battery operated natural gas flow meter ,24V DC power supply;
  • Option with temperature and pressure compensation to get natural gas flow at standard condition, electronic reader can directly show natural gas temperature and pressure information also;
  • Low Price natural gas flow meters;

Others 2” natural gas meter

Silver Automation Instruments also supply other type’s 2 inches natural gas flow meters, such as 2” thermal mass flow meter, 2 inch vortex flow meter or 2” Coriolis flow meter for natural gas measurement. It rich the choices from customers, such as to directly get natural gas mass flow kg/h or t/h, or get SCFM flow units.,etc
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