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Digital thermal mass flow meter

Digital thermal mass flow meter

Working Principle of Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Why it's Necessary

Digital Thermal mass flow meters are vital gas or air flow measurement instruments and these are also known as immersible mass flow meters and thermal dispersion flow meter that comprise of instrument family for measuring total flow of mass of fluid, primarily through the closed conduits. These flow sensors employ the principle of thermal dispersion whereby the heat rate that gets absorbed through the flow of liquid in duct or pipe remains directly proportional with mass flow. With conventional thermal meter, the gas flowing on heat source also absorbs heat by cooling source down.

With the increase in flow, a lot of heat gets absorbed by gas or air. With the dissipated heat amount, heat source remains proportional to gas flow with thermal properties. Thus, heat transfer measurement would also supply data through which the rate of mass flow easily gets calculated.

About Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meter

These gas mass flow meter sensors have been designed for accurately measuring and monitoring the mass flow (opposed to measurement of the volumetric flow) of the gases or air, parameter that isn't dependent on temperature.

Therefore, mass flow thermal flow meter doesn't require correction for the changes present in the gas temperature, the viscosity, pressure along with density.

Benefits of Digital Thermal Flow Meter

  • You can directly measure the rate of gas flow
  • Digital flow meter with electronic flow indicator to show air or gas flow rate and total flow
  • Thermal flow transmitter with current or pulse output for different process controls
  • Digital thermal mass flow transmitter with HART or MODBUS communication
  • This is meant for applications with fluctuation of pressure and temperature
  • Repeatable and accurate measurements
  • Measures accurately with rates of low gas or velocities of low gas
  • Excellent ratio for turn down, normally 50:1
  • Doesn't have moving parts
  • Digital thermal mass flow meter still at low price cost from China flow meter factory

Limitations of Thermal Mass Flow sensor

  • Moisture of droplet presence leads to inaccuracy in measurements
  • Thermal properties should be known: the variation through calibrated values leads to imprecisions.

Important Applications of Thermal Flow Meter

The mass flow meter is ideal for a lot of processes that require measurement of mass flow and most frequently get used for regulating low flow of gas.

A few common applications of gas flow with thermal flow meters are:

  • Compressed flow of air with distribution
  • Consumption of natural gas e.g. for boiler feed controlling and for burner
  • Monitoring and controlling flue gas or stack
  • Measurement of flare gas
  • Detection and testing for gas leakage
  • Blending gas flow
  • Landfill recovery of gas
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