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Digital natural gas flow meter

When we talk about digital natural gas flow meter, we often refer to thermal mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter .,Coriolis flow meter .,etc

Digital Gas turbine flow meter for natural gas flow measurement

Digital Gas turbine flow meter for natural gas flow measurement
Gas flow turbine meters help in measuring the velocity of gases or air. These turbine flow sensor use mechanical energy to help them rotate in the flow streams. The gas turbine flow meter is usable with a digital flow transmitter to ensure correct pressure, and the temperature of the natural gas is accurate to where it's applicable. The gas turbine flow meter has the following features;
Gas flow transmitter consumes low power. The gas turbine flow meter is economical since the user won't have to spend much on power.
The gas turbine flow meter is safe to use. It has an in-built pressure and temperature sensor for compressed air measurement. This also improves its performance since it's also compact with nature.
It is the most accurate flow meter to use. With a gas turbine flow meter, one is assured of not making any measurement mistakes.
The gas turbine flow meter is essential since it tests temperature as well as pressure. The gas meter tracks the flow of gas and also indicates the time and date.
Option with explosion proof flow transmitter, which is suitable for natural gas measurement

Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meters for NG flow measurement

Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meters for NG flow measurement
Thermal dispersion flow meters use heat conductivity of the fluids with both air and gases for determining flow of mass. Unlike measurement devices like volumetric flow like purge meters (variable area - VA - meters) and turbine meters, the thermal Mass Flow meters relatively remain immune to the temperature fluctuations and incoming flow pressure. Thermal mass flow meter is an economical solution to measure natural gas mass flow.

What are benefits of thermal mass flow meters?

  • Thermal flow meters don't have moving parts that would reduce permit and maintenance
  • With gas mass flow meters the mass flow also gets calculated instead of volumetric flow and these don't require pressure and temperature correction, meaning that no additional expense is required for buying and installing any other instruments.
  • Thermal dispersion flow meters also offer great repeatability and accuracy over wide flow rate range.
  • Thermal flow meter would also measure large pipe flow with insertion type thermal mass flow sensor.
  • Digital thermal mass flow meter with display to show natural gas flow rate and total flow,
  • Electronic mass flow meter with pulse and current output, standard with MODBUS
  • Digital mass flow meter option with Hart Protocol

Thermal flow Meter Working Principle

With thermal mass meter the gas flow is measured with the connective heat transfer. The Silver mass flow meters can be available in either the insertion style or online flow bodies. In either of the case, the mass flow meter probe inserts in pipe and gas stream, duct or stack.
Toward the meter tip probe, there are two sensors and these are resistance temperature detector. The RTDs also consist of measuring temperature and resistance thermometers. RTDs consist of durable reference-grade platinum windings that remain shielded in Hastelloy C sheath and protective 316 SS.
RTD gets heated through integrated circuit and it functions like flow sensor, while the second RTD also acts like reference sensor, and also determines temperature of the gas.
The proprietary circuitry also maintains continuous overheat between reference sensor and flow sensor. The gas flowing by heated RTD, flowing molecules transport the heat away through it, and also as an outcome, the sensor would cool down and energy gets lost.
The balance of circuit disrupts with temperature difference between reference RTD and heated RTD temperature.
The electrical power that is required for sustaining the overheat would denote mass flow signal.

Digital Natural gas flow meter – Vortex flow meter

Digital Natural gas flow meter – Vortex flow meter
The vortex flow meter has been a preferred natural gas flow meter that is quite suitable for measuring where the moving part introduction has been presented with a lot of problems. Sensitivity in variations with process conditions are quite low and without moving parts these relatively have low wearing comparing to other flow meter types.
Vortex flow meter sensors operate within vortex shedding principle, where oscillating vortexes would occur when fluid like the water gets flowing past bluff (opposed to the streamlined) body. Frequency that vortexes would be shed would depend on shape and size of body. Thus, it would be ideal for different applications where costs of low maintenance have been vital. Vortex shedding flow transmitters in industrial size have been built in custom type and these require appropriate sizes for certain applications.
Digital vortex flow meter with digital display, 24V DC power supply, 4-20mA output or pulse output for different process controls.
It is option with Ex-d version which is suitable for natural gas flow measurement.

Coriolis flowmeter to be used as digital mass flow meter for natural gas

Coriolis flowmeter to be used as digital mass flow meter for natural gas
A Coriolis flowmeter is the equipment for measuring the mass flow of the fluids flowing through pipes or tubes. The mass flow sensor measures the real mass flow of gas. The flow meter has the following features;
The Coriolis mass flow meter is highly accurate in measuring the quantity of the natural gas flow, which reaches to 0.1% to 0.2% .
The mass flow meter is multiple functions since it measures both the density and temperature of the natural gas.
It provides display and output of various parameters, digital mass flow meter with 4-20mA,pulse or frequency
The mass flow sensor is stable since it's not movable. Therefore, it is reliable, long-lasting and requires fewer maintenance practices.

Rotameters with transmitters for natural gas measurmeent

Rotameters with transmitters for natural gas measurmeent
The rotameter flow meter would measure flow from the liquid and gases through the machinery. Such measurements often are quite essential for maintenance of right function of different machines. With too little or a lot of flow, malfunctioning can occur with also destruction of certain machines. Due to this rotameter apparatus is vital.

Benefits of Rotameter

These are among different options available for flow meters. Some advantages available with this apparatus are:
These are inexpensive and simple to construct
Rotameters don't require external forces out of substance for measurement
With portability and little design, these become quite versatile and are utilized in wide systems
This is a linear scale as flow passage area increases when float is moving upwards with tube
Flow tube is resistant to thermal shock and chemical action with clear glass construction.
Option with flow transmitters of digital display, also output 4-20Ma

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