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Vortex flow meter for water

Vortex flow meter for water

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Vortex flow meter working Principle

Vortex flowmeters are based on the Carmen vortex street principle. Carmen vortex street is a phenomenon observed and studied by the American Hungarian scientist von Carmen in 1911: When a fluid bypasses a non-fluid linear object, the left and right sides of the object wake Paired, alternately arranged, antisymmetric vortices with opposite rotation directions. The generation of this vortex has the characteristics of periodic and alternating changes. The frequency of change is proportional to the fluid velocity. This is the Carmen vortex street phenomenon, and the specific relationship is Sr = fd / V. Vortex flowmeter is a flowmeter supported by using the nature of this phenomenon to determine the speed or flow rate of a fluid by measuring the frequency of vortex shedding. Vortex flowmeter can be used to measure pure water, RO water, demineralized water,tap water, portable water, boiler feed water, etc., because vortex flowmeter can measure liquids volumetric flow rate with low conductivity at high temperature.

Advantages of vortex flowmeters for water measurement

✔  Simple and solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability and very reliable long-term operation;
Vortex flowmeters are simple to install and very easy to maintain;
High accuracy in measuring water
Wide measurement range and range ratio up to 1:10;
Small pressure loss, low operating cost, and more energy-saving significance;
Within a certain Reynolds number range, the output signal frequency is not affected by the fluid physical properties and component changes. The meter coefficient is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator. The volumetric flow measurement does not need to be compensated, and there is no need to re-calibrate the meter coefficient.

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