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In-line Magnetic flow meter

In-line Magnetic flow meter

In-line mag flow meter takes measurement the whole pipeline section flow velocity where the mag sensor is mounted. It measure the conductive liquid volume flow rate, it has little effects on fluids density, pressure, viscosity and pressure. In-line mag flow meter is worked on Faraday’s Induction Law and intended to measure liquid with conductivity.

Features and specifications

In-line mag flow sensor from DN15 to DN2000
By choosing different liners and electrodes to measure acids, caustic and chemical solutions
Obviously advantage for fluids with solids, particles, slurry, or suspended dirt
High accuracy flow meter: 0.5% or 0.25%
No pressure loss
No moving parts for long time use and little maintenance work needed
4-20mA and pulse output digital water flow meter
EM flow meter has Hart or MODBUS RTU options
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