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At present, there are more and more electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers in China. In the early years, China relied on imported expensive electromagnetic flowmeters from European or Japn. With the continuous updating of electromagnetic flowmeter technology and the increase in field use experience, the quality of electromagnetic flowmeters made in China It has been very stable, and more and more foreign customers are buying electromagnetic flowmeters made in China.

China flow meter factory

At present, the main differences between China and the Top brand electromagnetic flowmeters are:

1. Accuracy.

Chinese manufacturers generally provide electromagnetic flowmeters with 0.5% accuracy, but Top brands factories can provide about 0.2% high-accuracy electromagnetic flowmeters. Good news is that, Silver Automation Instruments can also provide 0.25% high-accuracy mag flow meter through the factory's quality weighing calibration method.

2. Price.
There is no doubt that the price of magnetic flowmeters made in China is far lower than that of European and American brands. Foreign customers had doubts about China's flowmeters in the beginning. They will choose small orders and test them in the field for many years. After many years, they discovered China's magnetic flow meter is good and stable quality. So more and more foreign customers are purchasing China flowmeters.
3. Quality.
The international top brand flowmeter has excellent quality and fine workmanship, and the quality is also very good. However, running a stable flow meter depends on selecting the appropriate flow meter according to the technical parameters and the correct installation of the flow sensor. By selecting the right electromagnetic flowmeter, properly operating and installing the flowmeter, the Chinese flowmeter can also achieve very stable performance and can operate for many years.
4. English Language.
In China, English is not a proficient and widely used language. China has excellent flowmeter manufacturers, but the technical staff is poor in English, which makes communication with foreign customers difficult. The manuals and catalogs are also very poor in English. Overseas Customers do not trust on these flow meters with poor English technical support and technical documents supports.
5. Certification.
At present, the flowmeters produced in China are mainly used in the Chinese market. The Chinese market has its own production license and explosion-proof certificate, but these certificates are not recognized by foreign countries. Foreign explosion-proof certificates are very expensive, and Chinese flowmeter manufacturers have too low profits to make the enpensive International Certificates. The poor English language , the shortage of international certificates have made China's flowmeters not widely used in international projects.

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