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Uses of Flow Meters in Various Industries


With technological developments in the field of flow measurement, flow meters have found uses in a number of Industries. It's used to measure flow of any fluid through a pipeline. Although the functionality description doesn't bring out the areas of its utility, the flow meters are widely used in almost all Industries and research works.

The flow meter is an important component in various businesses and an accurate measurement of fluid flow through the pipes can give useful information about efficiency of an operation. This data can be effectively used to keep the system under check and identify likely problem areas in time.

With an adequately accurate flow meter for measuring the flow of fluid through a system, you can optimize your system's output. In this article, you'll find uses of flow meters in various businesses.

Significance of Flow Meters

As already brought out, a flow meter is an equipment to measure the fluid flow through a pipe. Although all flow meters do the same basic job of measuring fluid flow, there are various applications in which they're used. Keeping the different uses in mind, it's important to choose the right type of flow meter for your requirement. There are a number of models available in the market including manual measurement meters, meters with smart measurement options etc. A few prominent industries in which flow meters find extensive usage are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Petroleum Industry.

The petroleum industry is perhaps one of the biggest users of high different types of flow meters. For an industry that's completely based on an efficient management of fluids including liquids and gases, flow meters undoubtedly play an important role. These meters are used to measure and keep a record of flow of fluids at every stage to monitor the quantity of raw material collected, processed and final product manufactured. Apart from giving an indication of the efficiency of operations, the flow meters transmitters also help in keeping a check on the safety of the system. Magnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, variable area rotameter, Coriolis flow meters are used a lot in petroleum industry.

Chemical Production and Processing Industry.

In a chemical industry, an inaccurate flow measurement for any chemical in liquid or gaseous form can lead to not only low quality final product, but it can actually be catastrophic from safety point of view. This is where the flow meters play a vital part to ensure that each chemical is measured precisely to maintain a high quality of product and to safeguard the system from an accident. Their importance gets further magnified in temperature sensitive and high pressure operations.  in Chemical industry , some small flow rate flow meter, acid flow meter or corrsoive liquid flow meters are often requested.

flow meter in Chemical Production and Processing Industry

Gas Stations.

This is one of the most obvious applications of gas flow meters and you come across it all the time. They're used in gas stations to measure the gas supplied to the customers and the readings are displayed on the meter for payment. The flow meters used here need to have high accuracy as well as be sturdy to endure continuous and rough use. The gas tankers that come for refilling the gas station tanks also have high precision flow meters fitted to measure the amount of gas provided to the gas station owner.Gas flow measurement , such as CNG,compressed air ,O2 are often need volume or mass gas flow measurement. Thermal mass flow meters, gas turbine flow meters or Coriolis flo w meters are often used in these applicatoins.


Another business that's one of the biggest users of flow meters is the distillery industry. There are different types of fluids used in the production of various products in a distillery. Flow meters are used to measure, record, monitor and even regulate flow of different fluids in the system to maintain uniform standards for the final product.

They're also used to accurately measure the quantity of the product packed in each container at the packaging stage. For instance, it's the efficiency of these flow meters that ensures an exact same amount of water in each water bottle.

Automotive Industry.

For an effective functioning of any automobile, it's imperative that the correct amount of a particular fluid flows through each system. Flow meters, therefore have a critical role to play in brake systems, engines and other systems. If the fuel injectors don't feed an accurate amount of fuel to the combustion chamber of an automobile, its efficiency gets adversely affected. For instance, if the flow meter gets blocked or damaged, a sudden drop in the performance of the vehicle is noticeable. Oval gear flow meters , turine flow meters or Coriolis flow meters are often used in fuel flow rate measurment.

Water Supply.

Most of us have seen a water meter at our homes or businesses. These meters are equipped with flow meters that can measure the accurate amount of water used by the customer. Water bills are generated based on these readings and therefore, these tools are critical in accurate measurement of water flow. Hence, the water provisioning industry's business is directly affected by efficient functioning of flow meters. Flow meters also serve the purpose of detecting any leakages or other anomalies in the water pipeline to avoid erroneous billing. A lot of water flow meters demanding battery operated flow meters, or with GPRS. Electromangetic flow meter, ultrasonic water flow meters are often used in these applications.

industrial magnetic water flow meter


Flow meters find extensive use in various businesses to measure the fluid flow through a system. These equipment provide a means to monitor different stages of fluid flow, especially when volume or velocity of a fluid can't be directly measured. An accurate measurement of fluid flow is essential for almost all industries at some stage or the other.

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