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Herbicide Flow meter

Herbicide Flow meter

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Why need Herbicides and pesticides flow meters?

Herbicide refers a kind of chemical that can kill weeds completely or selectively, and are used to destroy or inhibit plant growth. Herbicides containing sodium chlorate, borax, arsenate, and trichloroacetic acid have a deadening effect on any kind of plant. Herbicides and Pesticides flow rate measurement is needed in pesticide production and manufactures. Herbicides and pesticides flow transmitter belongs to chemical flow meter.

Herbicides and pesticides flow meter types

We have several types’ flow meter devices for herbicides and pesticides:
Coriolis mass flow meter is not cheap, but very accurate;
Positive displacement flow meter: gear flow meter or oval gear flow meter is a good solution for inline herbicide and pesticides flow measurement
Liquid turbine flow meter: Inline industrial volumetric flow meters
Electromagnetic flow meter for herbicides and pesticides flow measurement

Herbicide Flow meter –Gear type flow meter

Gear flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter), it can directly accumulate the herbicides and pesticides flow rate based on the volume of the discharged fluid. The flow sensor uses a fixed small volume to repeatedly measure the volume of fluid passing through the flow meter.

Features of gear type herbicide Flow meter

  • Herbicide Flow meter flow sensor: 2mm,4mm,6mm,8mm,1/4”, 1/8”,1/2”,1”, 1.5”
  • Can be used as low flow meter, min flow 0.6 Liter/hour can detect, that is it can detect 10 mL/min low flow
  • High measurement accuracy, can reach to 0.5%,
  • Very fast response can be used for dosing or batch control purpose
  • No straight pipeline needed when installing the herbicide and pesticide flow meter
  • Gear flow meter can be used for the measurement of high viscosity liquids, up to 10000 cp
  • Wide measurement range;
  • Different material selection for gear flow meter: Teflon or PP for chemical and corrosive liquid measurement, also possible with stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Digital chemical flow meter with pulse output
  • Option with digital display to show herbicide totalizer flow and instant flow
  • Herbicide Flow transmitter option with MODBUS and HART Protocol
  • Inline chemical flow meter with BSP, NPT screw connection, also option with flange, tri-clamp connection.
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