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Thermal mass flow meter is a kind of electronic gas flow instruments which has digital display to show instant flow and total flow, it has following features:
Instant flow units available: SCFM (Standard cubic feet per minute), g/min, g/s, Kg/min, Kg/h, Nm3/h,Nm3/min, NL/h, NL/min,
Total flow meter units available: CFM, g, Kg, Nm3, NL
Thermal flow meter does not need any temperature and pressure correction to get standard flow rate or mass flow
Low price cost thermal mass flow meter for gas flow measurement from China flow meter manufacture
Inline gas flow meter probe or insertion probe available
Rugged construction for industrial gas flow measurement
Can measure different kinds of gas flow rate, such as natural gas, air, compressed air, O2, H2, N2, Argon, LPG, Chlorine gas, methane gas.,etc
  • SCFM air flow meterSCFM air flow meter2019/07/14Thermal mass flow meter with digital display to show air instant flow and air total flow:Instant flow units available :SCFM,g/min,g/s,Kg/min,Kg/h,Nm3/h,Nm3/min,NL/h,NL/min,Total flow units available:CFM,g...view
  • In-line type thermal dispersion flow meterIn-line type thermal dispersion flow meter2019/06/14In-line type thermal mass flow meter provides direct mass or standard volumetric flow measurement for gas or air. In-line thermal mass flow probe is perfect for the pipeline within 4 inch.Features✔ ...view
  • Insertion type thermal mass flow sensorInsertion type thermal mass flow sensor2019/06/14Insertion probe thermal mass flow meter is for large pipeline size or ducts gas or air flow measurement, it is easy for users to install or removal from the mounting points without needing cut off the...view
  • Thermal mass flow meterThermal mass flow meter2019/06/14We supply inline or insertion probe thermal dispersion flow meter for gas or air measurement. It is a perfect solution for gas or air measurement from small pipelines to large pipelines, ducts or stac...view
  • Biogas Flow MeterBiogas Flow Meter2018/10/08We supply biogas flow meter in both insertion probe also in-line gas flow sensor at competitive low price cost and rugged construction. Biogas is a mixture of methane (CH4), CO2, small content of moisture, and a little H2S.view
  • Micro-Flowrate Thermal Mass Flow MeterMicro-Flowrate Thermal Mass Flow Meter2018/03/02Micro-flowrate Thermal mass flow meter for DN3-DN10,China gas flow meter for LPG,biogas ,natural gas.etcview Protection Status