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Cryogenic flow meter

Cryogenic flow meter

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Why need cryogenic flow meter?

The science mainly studies the physical properties of substances under low temperature conditions, and sometimes includes products obtained at low temperatures and its measurement techniques. Cryogenic liquids in low temperature physics is defined as a temperature below -238°F. Industrial cryogenic flow meter includes liquid nitrogen (N2), refrigerated liquid, coolants, neon (Ne), liquid argon, CO2, methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide or liquid helium flow rate measurement. It has large applications in dairy industry, storing large quantities of food, cooling system, chilling and freezing applications, mechanical cryocooler, thermally insulated containers, and medical applications. It is important to measure cryogenic liquid flow rate.
Cryogenic liquids are extremely cold. Few flow meter devices can detect cryogenic Liquefied gases, for example, magnetic flow mete can minimum detect -25°C, oval gear flow meter (positive displacement flow meter) minimum bear -40°C liquid temperature. Digital variable area flow meter minimum detect minus 34°F. Currently Silver Automation Instruments have Coriolis flow meter; it can detect minimum -200 °C (73K).
Cryogenic flow meter sensor

Coriolis mass flowmeters for Cryogenic Fluids

Coriolis meter is a device that directly measures the mass flow by using the Coriolis force principle that is proportional to the mass flow when the fluid flows in the vibrating pipe.
Coriolis mass flow meters are particularly suitable for flow measurement of high-viscosity non-Newtonian fluids, latex , paint and coating vitamin slurry, paper pulp, water, heavy oil, polymer, bitumen, vapors etc., high-viscosity liquid, high-temperature liquid measurement, Cryogenic liquids liquid measurement . Mass flow meters are currently the most advanced and most accurate cryogens flow meters, and the price is not cheap also. Coriolis flow transmitter can bear low temperature fluids, such as cryogenic liquid nitrogen, argon, helium etc.

Technical specifications for cryogenic flow meter

  • Min temperature for fluid temperature: - 200 °C, that is -328 °F
  • Cryogenic flow meter sensor size: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8 inch, 1/2”, 1 inch, 2”, 3”, DN100, 6”, 8” cryogenic flow meter
  • Pressure rating for cryogenic flow meter: max 200 bars
  • Precision: ±0.2%FS
  • Wet parts material for cryogenic flow sensor: stainless steel 316L
  • Power supply: external 24VDC or 220V AC
  • Output signal: 4~20mA, two-wire system; pulse 0 ~1000HZ; RS485 Communication
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Explosion-proof: intrinsically safe ExiallCT5
  • Digital inline flow meter with flange, thread or tri-clover connection
  • Digital display to show cryogenic liquid mass flow rate, totalized flow, liquid temperature
  • Option with insulating housings, heating jacket
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