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In almost every building that you move in, you will get air conditioning equipment there. The chilled water system has become so common over the past few years as it is easier to maintain than many small air conditioners. The chilled water system will also be applicable in almost every building, whether small or large. However, like many other systems, the cost of maintaining a chilled water system should be monitored. The information captured will be applicable when budgeting and making necessary decisions.

The primary method of monitoring the cost is by measuring the amount of chilled water used by the system. There are different types of chilled water flow meters that can be used to measure chilled water, and in this article, we will concentrate on the main three digital water flow meters.

chilled water flow meter

1. Turbine flow meter for chilled water flow measurement

This flow meter uses the mechanical energy of the chilled water to measure the amount being used. The flow measuring instrument will have rotors that will rotate when water passes,turbien flow sensors, and transmitters that will process the impulse received from the sensors. Sensors are located outside the measuring unit so that their lifespan will be guaranteed. The good thing with this turbine flow meter is that it can measure the water no matter the temperatures as it is designed for hot and cold water. The turbine flow meter works under a simple principle where as the water moves faster, the speed of the rotors also increases, causing more impulses.

2.  Vortex flow meter for chilled water flow measurement

A vortex flow meter is used for measurement where the moving parts are not needed in the unit. The meter can be made from plastic to brass. This meter will have low sensitivity to variations, and it will last longer than other meters as it doesn’t have moving parts. Vortex flow meters can be customized to fit into any sizing, making them applicable to all chilled water systems. The meter will also be the right choice where maintenance costs should be kept low.

3. Magnetic flow meter for chilled water flow measurement

Where long term stability and high accuracy are required, this the right choice. Electromagnetic flow meters are appropriate where exact values are needed and not just average. They might cost you more than other meters, but their performance and life span will be worth it. Also, an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be affected by pressure or temperature, contributing to their accuracy.

Where can I get a chilled water flow meter?

If you already have a chilled water system on your premises and you want to install a flow meter, deciding where to get your meter from might be another task. But with Silver Automation Instruments you don’t have to worry anymore as you will get any chilled water flow meter you need. Silver’s flow meters are easy to install, maintain, and pocket-friendly.


Having a chilled water system in your building is very important. But having a chilled water flow meter will is more important as it will help you to monitor costs associated with the system. Get a meter that is easy to install and requires less maintenance.

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