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Fuel Oil Mass Flow Meter

Fuel Oil Mass Flow Meter

What is fuel oil mass flow meter?

A fuel oil mass flow meter is a type of flow meter that is specifically designed to measure the mass flow rate of fuel oil in a pipeline or process system. It is commonly used in industrial applications such as power generation, marine transportation, and oil and gas production.
Fuel oil flow measurement including distillate fuel oil, crude oil, residual fuel oil flow meter, bio fuels, bunker fuel oil mass flow sensor, heavy fuel oil flow metering device, burning fossil fuels ,biodiesel, marine fuel flow meters, renewable diesel, synthetic fuels, and that oil are used in diesel engines, industrial boilers and furnaces, power plants, and marine vessels.

Why use Coriolis mass flow meter for fuel oil flow measurement?

Coriolis flow meter is a perfect choice of fuel oil flow measurement. The Coriolis mass flow meter typically consists of a flow tube and two sensors that measure the Coriolis forces generated by the fluid as it flows through the tube. The Coriolis forces are directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fuel oil, allowing for highly accurate and reliable measurements.
Fuel oil mass flow meters are capable of measuring a wide range of flow rates, from very low to very high, and can handle a variety of fuel oil grades and viscosities. They are also designed to withstand the harsh conditions typically found in industrial environments, such as high temperatures, pressure fluctuations, and corrosive fluids, high pressure fuel oil measurement, high viscosity fuel oil measurement.

Why need fuel oil mass flow meter?

The use of fuel oil mass flow meters is important for ensuring efficient and safe operation of industrial processes that rely on the accurate measurement of fuel oil flow rates. By providing real-time, accurate measurements of fuel oil mass flow rates, these flow meters help to optimize the performance of industrial processes, reduce waste and energy consumption, and minimize the risk of accidents or equipment failures.

Fuel oil flow meter specifications

  • Various fuel oil flow meter sizes: from 1/4inch to 10 inches fuel oil mass flow meter, normal request fuel oil mass flow sensor: 1” ( DN25 ), 2” (DN50 dial size),3 inch mass flow meter, 4 “ fuel oil mass flow meter, 5” Coriolis oil flow meter, 6 inches digital mass flow meter, 8 inches fuel oil
  • Fuel oil mass flow range can be measured: 0~ 40 kg/h, 0~3.67 lb/min, 440 lbs/hr, 0~500 kg/hour, 0-1 MT/h,0~3 ton/hour, 0~2.78 kg/s, 0~20 t/h, 0~30 t/h, 0~50 ton/h, 0~61 lb/s, 0~150 t/h to max 0-500 MT/h;
  • Digital fuel oil mass flow meter: electronic digital display to show fuel oil in mass flow rate and total mass flow, parameters can be set by the keys on the display, output 4-20mA and frequency, MODBUS RS485 and option with HART protocol;
  • Fuel oil mass flow measurement can take measurement of high pressure oil measurement, such as 1000 PSI, 1500 PSI, 3000 psi.,etc
  • Fuel oil mass flow meter can measure oil with high viscosity;
  • Process connection: Flange connection, thread and so on.
  • ATEX approved fuel oil mass flow transmitter;
  • Wet parts material of mass flow sensor : stainless steel;
  • High accuracy mass flow meter for oil measurement: 0.2% or higher;

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