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Bunker Fuel Flow Measurement by Oval Gear Flow Meters

Recently we get an inquiry for the bunker fuel flow meters , for the railway-car ferry under the project, below is the technical requirements.

1.Oil Flow Meter Operation Conditions

Design temperature of the outside air for ventilation and air conditioning systems is +35ºС at humidity of 80% in summer and –30ºС at humidity of 70% in   winter, water  temperature is  from + 25ºС down to –2ºС respectively.

The material of the hull and superstructures and also protective coatings are taken considering the operation at temperature of the outside air down to –40ºС and wind of 25 m/s in winter and up to +30 º С in summer, water temperature is from +32ºС down to –2ºС.

Design temperature of the sea water for the power plant coolers is taken to be + 32ºС.

Design temperature for the insulation of living and service spaces is taken to be –30ºС.

2. General Technical Requirements for the oil Flow Sensor

  • 2.1. The purpose of the flow meter is to measure and show the information about the amount of pumped fluid (m³) and its current (instantaneous) flow m³/h.
  • 2.2. The material of the flow part should be resistant to the impact of the pumped flow. For the hull material is not acceptable aluminum alloy and analog alloy with low destruction temperature
  • 2.3. Hydraulic resistances of the flowmeters should be minimal (within 0,2...1 bar at minimal temperature values - maximal viscosity of pumped medium).
  • 2.4. Connecting dimensions of flanges DIN-EN-ISO, PN16. Counter flanges should be made of steel.
  • 2.5. Value parameters of the flowmeter should be displayed on the flowmeter (or on its display near the flowmeter) and be output to Integral Control System by 4…20 mA signal. Voltage supply of the fuel flowmeter is 24V. All delivered equipment (display) should have a permanent connection (cable).
  • 2.6. The flowmeter should output the following signals to the Integrated Control System:
  • - Volume flow rate (m³/h);
  • - Amount of pumped fuel (m³);
  • The signal about the amount of pumped fuel and instantaneous flow should be sent to the Integral Control System simultaneously. In order to provide information output and displaying flowmeters should be supplied with all necessary controllers and devices.
  • 2.7. The flowmeters should provide accurate oil flow measurement while rocking and vibration on the vessel.
  • 2.8. If it is requested additional filtration in the scope of supply should be included the corresponding filters. The parameters of these filters for the pipilines are indicated in the paragraph 3.

3. Scope of Supply

Flowmeter of the bunker fuel HFO

Flowmeter of the bunker fuel MDO





DN/pipeline diameter








Flow range




Gradation mark (response characterictics)




Max/min limits of acceptable fractional error




Operating fluid

Heavy fuel IFO380 with viscosity of 380 Cst at 50°С (including low-sulfur)

Diesel fuel with flash temperature not less than  62 °С (including low-sulfur)

Filtration degree in the system (before the flowmeter )




  • 3.2. Should be provided a set of counter flanges, fasteners and gaskets– 1 set for each device;
  • 3.3. Should be provided a set of grounding parts and seals for the installation of the vessel cable – 1 set for each device;
  • 3.4. A set of special tool in order to perform maintenance works.

If you are interested in knowing the price list of oil fuel flow meter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

we have option : LC-M Series positive displacement flow meter

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