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Coriolis flow meter to measure fuel flow rate

Coriolis flow meter is a kind of mass flow meter to measure fuel flow rate and total flow. Inline digital mass fuel flow meter with electronic indicator and various output  ( 4-20mA & pulse ) for different control purpose.

What Is A Coriolis Flowmeter?

A coriolis flowmeter is essentially a mass flow meter or a digital fuel flow meter that measures the quantity or amount or a mass of fuel, rather than its volume that flows through the closed pipe or tube. Approximately, there are 100,000 Coriolis flowmeters installed on the gas or fuel applications in the world which range from combustion control to custody transfer.

Coriolis flow meter to measure fuel flow rate

Why You Should Use Coriolis Flow Meter To Measure Fuel

1. Features of Coriolis flow meter to measure fuel

  • A Coriolis mass flow meter is able to directly measure a mass flow of a fluid in the pipeline without converting the intermediate parameters, avoiding a measurement error.
  • Moreover, it has high accuracy up to 0.15% as well as repeatability in a mass flow measurement, and is good at directly measuring fluid mass flow within the bigger rangeability.
  • The flow meter can measure a vast range of fluids. Besides measuring uniform fluids of a general viscosity, it is also able to measure a vast variety of a high viscosity, non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Moreover, there are no obstructions and even moving parts inside a flow meter pipe itself, through which the fluid flows, meaning it is a high reliability, long product life that doesn't require daily maintenance.
  • Another great thing is that digital fuel mass flow meter  can measure the temperature and density of the passing fuel directly. Also, it can provide display as well as output of various parameters, high accuracy and instantaneous accumulation, making it a multi-function integrated flow that measures instrument.

2. Advantages

  • Electronic fuel mass flow sensor directly takes measurement of a mass flow with high measurement accuracy.
  • Moreover, mass flowmeter comes with a wide range of the measurable fluids, including liquid-solid two-phase fluids, high viscosity fluids; liquid-gas two-phase fluids which contain trace gases as well as high and medium pressure gases of a sufficient density.
  • The non-uniform flow velocity distribution and vortex flow which are caused by both upstream and downstream pipelines don't have any influence on the performance of a flow sensor. A change in fluid viscosity doesn't have any significant effect on a measured value and a change in fluid density has very little effect on a measured value.
  • There exist multiple outputs from digital mass flow meter which are able to simultaneously output an instantaneous mass flow or a volume flow, fluid temperature, fluid density and many other signals. It also comes with several digital output and input ports as well as some models which realize the batch control functions.
  • Mass fuel flow meter can also take a measurement of high viscosity fluids like crude oil, residual oil, heavy oil, and many other liquids which come with higher viscosity.
  • Previously, target flowmeters, volumetric flowmeters, etc. were used for measuring flow. But now, Coriolis mass flowmeters are usually used with accurate measurement results and good reliability.


It can efficiently detect the flow of all the liquids, including non-Newtonian and Newtonian as well as the flow of moderately dense gases.

Additionally, self-draining designs are easily available for sanitary applications which meet all the clean-in-place requirements.

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