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Bent tube Coriolis flow meter

Bent tube Coriolis flow meter

SH-CMD Series bent tube Coriolis flow meter is suitable for tough fluids measurement, such as high viscosity or high pressure media flow rate measurement.
SH-CMD Series micro bent tube Coriolis mass flow meter is based on the Coriolis force principle.It can direct take measurement of fluid mass flow without any pressure,temperature, viscosity or density correction. The Coriolis flow meter is composed of two parts: a Coriolis flow sensor and a transmitter unit.SH-CMD series mass flowmeters use digital drive, DSP signal processing, special structure to realize flow meter with high stability, strong seismic performance.

Micro bent tube Coriolis flow meter features

Bent tube flow sensor design to improve the operation frequency and decrease the effect from outside vibration
Smaller installaction space needed comparing to U-tube type Coriolis flow meter
Low pressure loss
Multi-parameter measurements (including: mass flow, density, temperature, concentration)
Wide range of applications (measurement of various non-Newtonian fluids, various slurries, suspensions, high viscosity fluids measurement)
Low installation requirements, no need straight pipeline before and after flow sensor
Low maintenance
Fast response time
High accuracy (0.1%~0.2%)
Various sensor sizes available, DN10 to DN250 (10 inches)
Nice appearance for easy cleaning
Coriolis flow meter tube with self-emptying function, it can be used in food industry

Technical Specifications

Application: liquid, gas, liquid-solid, gas-solid mass flow measurement or volume flow
Measuring tube material: 316L stainless steel or hastelloy C alloy
Pressure rating: Standard 1.6MPa, 4MPa.max 100MPa,which can be made into high pressure flow meter
Fluids temperature: Standard -50°C~+150°C (high temperature Corolis flow meter can be -200°C~+350°C)
Ambient temperature: Sensor: -41°C~+150°C Transmitter: -41°C~+80°C
Flow measurement accuracy: ±0.5%, ±0.2%, ±0.15%, ±0.1% flow ±[(zero point stability /flow value) × 100]% flow
Density measurement accuracy: ±0.002g/cm3, ±0.001g/cm3
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C
Repeatability: ±0.10%, ±0.05% flow ±[1⁄2 (zero stability/flow value)×100]% flow
Output signal:
4~20mA load resistance <500Ω (instantaneous flow or density optional);
0 ~10 kHz instantaneous flow pulse signal
RS485 communication
HART (requires customization)
Explosion-proof: EX d ib II C T5 Gb
Protection level: IP67
Electrical interface: M20×1.5
Language: English
Power supply: 24V DC (current is not less than 500mA) or 220V AC
Flow units available:: t/h, kg/h, g/h, t/min, kg/min, g/min, kg/s, g/s,m3/h, L/h, ml/h,m3/min, L/s, ml/s, lb/h, oz/h, lb/min, oz/min, lb/s, oz/s, gal/h, gal/min, gal/s

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