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Advantages and Disadvantages of Coriolis mass flowmeter

The Coriolis mass flow meter is the most accurate and repeatable flow instruments among all the flowmeters. It uses an advanced Coriolis force sensor that directly measures mass flow, media density, fluids temperature by only one flow sensor which gives the user a more direct understanding of how the fluid is operating. Coriolis meter has following features: small pressure loss, no straight pipe requirements, high accuracy, and good repeatability, suitable for composition ratio, custody transfer, and flow batch control purpose. After the Coriolis mass flowmeter was put into market, although it was sold at a high price, users still prefer to uses this kind of flow meter due to its irreplaceable advantages.


  • It can take direct measurement of mass flow with high measurement accuracy.
  • It has a wide range of measurable fluids, including high viscosity fluids, liquid-solid two-phase fluids, liquid-gas two-phase fluids, and high pressure gases of large density.
  • Generally, it is not required straight pipelines in the upstream and downstream of the flow sensor, the vortex flow and non-uniform flow velocity distribution caused by the upstream and downstream pipelines have no influence on the performance of the mass flow instrument.
  • The change in fluid viscosity has no significant effect on the measured result, and the change in fluid density has little effect on the measured value.
  • There are multiple outputs, which can simultaneously output instantaneous mass flow or volume flow, fluid density, fluid temperature and other signals. It also has several digital input and output ports, and some models can realize batch control operation.
  • It can measure both forward and reverse flow.
  • It can take measurement of high viscosity fluids, such as Crude oil, heavy oil, residual oil, resin, syrup, and so on. Previously, volumetric flowmeters, target flowmeters, etc. were used to measure these fluids flow. Now, the Coriolis mass flowmeters are widely used.


  • Poor zero stability which affects the flow meter accuracy
  • It cannot be used to measure media with lower density, such as low pressure gas.
  • A slightly higher gas content in the liquid may cause a significant increase in measurement accuracy.
  • It is sensitive to external vibration interference.
  • It cannot be used for larger diameters. Currently Silver Automation Instruments only supply max DN200 Coriolis mass flow sensor.
  • Measuring tube inner wall wear, corrosion, and deposition fouling can affect measurement accuracy.
  • The pressure loss is large, especially when measuring a liquid with a high saturated vapor pressure, the pressure loss may cause vaporization of the liquid, and cavitation occurs, causing an increase in error or even measurement. In the selection calculation of Coriolis mass flowmeter, pressure loss is an indicator that must be paid special attention, especially when the measured fluid viscosity is high; the pressure loss of the flow instrument is much higher than other types flowmeters.

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