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Wort flow meter

Wort flow meter

Turbine flow meter to measure wort flow

Wort is malt juice filtered after mashing. The main ingredients are water, maltose, etc. wart is mainly for making beer. Wort flow measurement is needed in many applications.
Turbine flowmeter is a kind of flow measuring instrument commonly used to measure wort flow rate and total flow. Because of its advantages of good repeatability, strong adaptability and wide range ratio, and the emergence of intelligent display and control instruments, it is obtained in wort flow measurement occasions requiring high accuracy. Although Coriolis mass flowmeter that has appeared in recent years can directly measure the mass flow of the wort and has high accuracy, it is expensive which hinders its application. In this way, the use of turbine flowmeters is preferred solutions to measure wort flow.

How wort turbine flow meter work?

Turbine flowmeter is a volume flowmeter that uses the impeller placed in the wort to sense the average velocity of the fluid. The impeller speed proportional to the flow is usually detected by a detection device of the TUF flow meter. Turbine flow meter consists of a turbine flow sensor and a display instrument.
The fluid volume flow qV through the turbine flow transmitter can be expressed by:
qV = f/K (1)
In the formula: f is the frequency of the electrical signal; it has a proportional relationship with the impeller rotation frequency;
K is a constant also known as instrument coefficient.
Formula (1) can also be changed to
It can be seen from the above formula that the turbine meter coefficient K is the ratio of the frequency f (times/s) of the transmitter output electrical signal to the liquid volume flow qV (L/s) flowing through the meter. The unit of K is times/L. Flowmeters that output frequency signals have the characteristic constant of instrument coefficient which can help to understand and master the performance of the instrument and is also of great significance to the verification of flow meters.

Technical features of turbine wort flow meter

  • Large measuring wort flow sensor: 4mm,6mm,3/8 inch,10mm,15mm,3/4 inch,1 inch, DN25,DN32,dial 40mm,2 inch, 65mm,3 inch, 4 inch, DN100,5 inch, 6”, 8 inches.
  • Wort volume flow range can be measured: 40-250 LPH,1.7-10 ltr/min,0.2-1.2 m3/h, 2.6-26 GPM, 0.8-8 m3/h, 1-10 m3/h, 25-250 L/min, 2-20 m3/h, 1-11 L/s, 7-70 m3/h,10-100 m3/h, 20-200 m3 per hour,110-1100 gpm, 500-5000 LPM,etc
  • Flow meter housing material: stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316; it is stainless steel flow meter;
  • Hazardous areas: Explosion proof Exd IIB T6;
  • Fluids temperature: max 150°C ;
  • Process connection: flange, thread, tri-clamp hygienic sanitary process connection;
  • Output: pulse, frequency, current 4-20mA output, HART ,MODBUS RTU RS485;
  • Power supply: battery operated wort flow meter, 24V DC or 220V AC
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