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Sulphonic Acid mass flow meter

Sulphonic Acid mass flow meter

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Importance of Measuring sulphonic acid Flow

Sulphonic acid is used in several industries due to its versatile properties, such as Detergent Industry, Chemical Synthesis, Dye and Pigment Production, Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals.
Accurately measuring the flow of sulphonic acid is crucial in various industrial processes. Precise flow measurement ensures the correct dosing and mixing of this strong acid, which is essential for producing high-quality products. It also helps in maintaining safety standards, as sulphonic acid is highly corrosive and needs to be handled with care.

Coriolis Flow Meter for sulphonic acid Measurement

Coriolis flow meters are ideal for measuring the flow of sulphonic acid due to their high accuracy and reliability. These meters work by detecting the Coriolis effect, which is the force exerted by the flowing fluid on the sensor tubes, causing them to twist. This twist is directly proportional to the mass flow rate.

Advantages of Using Coriolis Flow Meters

-High Accuracy: Coriolis meters provide precise measurements, typically best within ±0.1% of the actual flow rate, which is essential for processes involving sulphonic acid.
-Direct Mass Flow Measurement: They measure the sulphonic acid mass flow directly, eliminating the need for density or volume corrections, ensuring accurate dosing and mixing.
-No Moving Parts inside mass flow sensor: The absence of moving parts reduces maintenance requirements and increases the durability and reliability of the meter.
-Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of temperatures and pressures for sulphonic acid, making them ideal for various industrial conditions.
-Stainless steel flow meter for sulphonic acid applications.

Technical Parameters of Coriolis Flow Meters for sulphonic s acid flow Measurement

-Flow Range: Capable of measuring flow rates from a few grams per minute to several tons per hour, accommodating different industrial needs.
-Accuracy: Typically offers an accuracy of ±0.1~0.25 % of the mass flow rate, ensuring precise measurement of sulphonic acid.
-Temperature Range: Can operate within a wide temperature range, often from -200°C to +350°C, suitable for diverse applications.
-Pressure Range: Can withstand high pressures, often up to several hundred bar, making them robust for industrial use.
-Digital Coriolis flow transmitter with digital display to show sulphonic acid mass flow rate, total flow , and density information , it can also output pulse, ,frequency, 4-20mA,MODBUS RTU, RS485.

Using Coriolis flow meters for sulphonic acid ensures reliable and accurate flow measurements, which are essential for maintaining process efficiency and safety in industrial applications.
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