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High accuracy LPG flow measurement by Coriolis flow meter

High accuracy LPG flow measurement by Coriolis flow meter

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    LPG/propane mass flow meter

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A Coriolis flow meter is a type of high accuracy flow meter that is commonly used to measure the mass or quantity flow rate of various fluids, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). LPG is a mixture of isobutane, propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10), Sp. Gr 0.56 approx, which are commonly used as fuel in residential, LPG and fuel dispensers, LPG tank and boiler, commercial, and industrial applications.

How Coriolis flow meter work to measure LPG?

Coriolis flow meters work based on the principle of the Coriolis effect, which is the deflection of moving objects caused by the rotation of the Earth. These Coriolis mass flow meters consist of a vibrating tube through which the LPG flows. When the LPG passes through the vibrating tube, it causes a Coriolis force, which results in a phase shift in the vibrating tubes. This phase shift is measured and used to determine the mass flow rate of the fluid.
Coriolis flow meters are commonly used to measure the flow rate of various fluids, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Here are some reasons why Coriolis flow meters are suitable for measuring LPG:

High accuracy LPG flow meter

Coriolis flow meters offer exceptional accuracy in measuring the flow rate of LPG. They use the Coriolis effect, which involves the oscillation of a vibrating tube through which the LPG flows. The Coriolis effect causes a phase shift in the tube's oscillation, which is directly proportional to the mass flow rate. This allows for precise and reliable LPG measurements accuracy up to 0.5%., even at low flow rates. For example if liquid gas filling is to 20 ton, the accuracy can be ±0.1 tonne.

Coriolis flow meter can work on mix state LPG (gas and liquid)

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) exists in different states depending on the pressure and temperature it is subjected to. The state transitions of LPG occur between its gaseous and liquid phases. For example, LPG tank through the pipeline is in compressed liquid state and from the pipeline to the boiler is in gaseous state, LPG exists as a combination of gas and liquid to cause measurement difficulties, such as gas turbine flow meters only measuring gaseous LPG, and thermal gas flow meters only measuring gaseous LPG. When LPG exists in a mixed state, only Coriolis mass flow meters can measure it.

Direct Mass liquefied petroleum gas flow measurement

Direct mass flow measurement: Unlike some other flow measurement technologies, Coriolis flow meters directly measure the mass flow rate of the LPG, with flow rate kg/h or t/h or Lbs/min, rather than relying on volumetric measurements or calculations. This is particularly important for LPG because its volume can change with temperature and pressure variations. By directly measuring mass flow, Coriolis flow meters provide accurate readings regardless of changes in the LPG's density, it is very important when used in custody transfer or Commercial settlement. Coriolis mass meter is this suitable for measuring LPG liquid quantity.

High pressure LPG flow measurement

If LPG mass flow meter installed on pump discharge side, the operation pressure could be very high which may reach to 400 bar or 5800 PSI, under such large pressure, few flow meter can work, however Coriolis flow meter can work as high pressure LPG flow meter.
Also under higher pressures, LPG is entirely in its liquid state, LPG is dense and stored in pressurized containers, such as cylinders or tanks. By keeping the gas in this liquid state, users can store a greater quantity of LPG in a given space.
Coriolis flow meter can work under high pressure conditions.

Safety LPG measurement by Coriolis flow meter

LPG is a flammable and potentially hazardous substance. Ensure that the Coriolis flow meter is installed in compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations. Implement appropriate safety measures, such as explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof , enclosures and proper grounding, to minimize the risk of accidents. Silver Automation Instruments offer Coriolis flow transmitters are with ATEX /CE certification.

Minimal pressure drop for LPG mass flow meter

Coriolis flow meters typically have a low-pressure drop, meaning they do not significantly restrict the flow of the Liquefied petroleum gas(LPG). This is advantageous when measuring LPG, as it is often essential to maintain the pressure of the gas for safe and efficient operation. A low-pressure drop also reduces the energy required for pumping or compressing the LPG.

Coriolis meter is suitable for various LPG compositions

LPG can have different compositions, such as isobutane, propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) depending on its source and intended use. Coriolis flow meters can handle a wide range of fluid properties, including variations in density, viscosity, and temperature. This versatility makes them well-suited for measuring LPG, regardless of its specific composition.

Overall, the high accuracy, high pressure flow measurement option, wide range of flow rates, direct mass flow measurement, low-pressure drop, and compatibility with different LPG compositions make Coriolis flow meters an excellent choice for measuring LPG in various applications, including distribution, storage, and consumption.

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