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Coriolis Flow meter with heat jacket

Coriolis Flow meter with heat jacket

Why we need Coriolis flow meter with insulation heat jacket?

Heat jacket Coriolis flow meter can be used in applications where liquid is with high viscosity, or easy to solidify, or the whole process should maintain the specific temperature. With the thermal jacket construction, we can fill the thermal oil, water or vapor into the jacket to circulate and flow to maintain the temperature of the passing liquid. Most process pipelines are insulated, heat loss of the flow sensor is large without insulation jackets.
In a word, the thermal jackets construction is to insulate and protect your flow meter and the whole process line. The thermal jacket can keep the flow meter hot or cold at a constant and reduce the damage to your process.

Applications for heat jacket Coriolis flow meters

We normally measure below fluids mass flow rate to use external heat jacket options:
Asphalt emulsion, chocolate, animal fats, grease, bitumen, tar, inhibitors, Pharmacia, Lacquers.

Coriolis type mass flow meter features

  • Coriolis flow meter with thermal jacket can measure tough liquid which is easy to solidify or provide the choice to keep the process liquid temperature constant.
  • Direct measurement of mass flow
  • A wide range of measurable fluids, including slurry containing solids, liquids containing a small amount of uniformly distributed gas, high viscosity liquid mass flow measurement, high pressure fluids flow rate measurement
  • No moving parts or obstructions inside the mass flow sensor tube
  • No requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipe sections when install Coriolis mass flow meter
  • It can be used for multi-parameter flow measurement device; such as temperature, density, solute concentration, mass flow rate and total mass flow
  • Price for the Corioils flow meter with thermal jacket depends on many factors, but Insulation Jackets cost more than normal type Coriois mass meter.

Specifications of Coriolis flow meters with heating jacket

  • Coriolis flow meter sensor size:3mm, 6mm, 8mm,1/2”,3/4” 3/8”,1 inch ,2 inch ,2.5”,3 inch ,4 inch ,5”,6”,8 inch,10 inch ,12 inch Coriolis flow meter
  • Thermal jacket connect the heating oil, steam or water by two 1/2” flanges;
  • Digital output: Pulse , 4-20Ma ,frequency
  • Coriolis flow transmitter can have RS485, MODBUS or HART protocol
  • Pressure rating:150LB, 300#, 600#,900# ,1500LB,2500LB, 3000psi, etc,any way can be made into high pressure type Coriolis mass flow meter;
  • Power supply: 24V DC or 220V AC
  • Process connection: NPT thread, BSP thread, compression fitting, weld thread, flange, tri-clamp, tri-clover.,etc
  • Wet parts material: 316L SUS
  • Accuracy: 0.1%, 0.15%,0.2%,0.5%

Heating jacket Coriolis flow meter similar expression

A heating jacket Coriolis mass flow meter is a type of flow meter that includes an external heating jacket or coil that is used to regulate the temperature of the fluid being measured. The heating jacket can help to maintain the temperature of the fluid within a specific range to prevent it from solidifying or otherwise changing properties that could affect the accuracy of the flow meter's measurements.
Other similar expressions that may be used to describe a flow meter with a heating jacket or coil could include:
  • Temperature-compensated flow meter
  • Heated flow meter
  • Thermal flow meter
  • Jacketed flow meter
  • Electrically-heated flow meter
  • Temperature-controlled flow meter
  • Fluid warming flow meter
  • Insulated flow meter
These expressions all refer to flow meters that include some type of heating or temperature regulation element to help ensure accurate and reliable flow measurements for fluids that are prone to temperature-related changes. The specific type of heating or temperature regulation element may vary depending on the specific flow meter and application.

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