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Coriolis Flow Meter For Bitumen & Latex

coriolis mass flowmeter
Coriolis mass flow meters are very expensive comparing to turbine flow meter,magnetic flow meter or vortex flow meters , but it can measure a lot kinds of medium which common flow meters cannot measure, for example it can measure extremely vicious medium such as bitumen; it can also detect the density of the measured medium which quite useful to our the users.
Silver Automation Instruments supply good cost coriolis mass flowmeter which is quite popular to our customers; it can measure a lot tough mediums also with stable performance. Welcome to send your applications to us, we would love to choose a suitable type mass flow meters also provide a satisfying price.
We list 2 applications which are typical applications for the coriolis mass flow meters.

Question 1  Bitumen Flow Measurement

I am looking to get a replacement bitumen mass flow meter for our asphalt plant.
I have attached the spec sheet to replacement current broken meter.
All their pipework is DN50.
The bitumen pump feeding the line is an Ebsray T200M with a flow rate of 0.2614 ltr/rev
Max. Flow Rate = 4.5 tonnes per hour (2” diameter bitumen pipe work)
Normal Operating Flow Rate = between 0.8tph and 3.8tph
Operating Pressure = normally between 65psi and 85psi, pressure relief set to 150psi
Operating Temperature = normally between 160oC and 175oC
The flow is really small, could only fit for DN15 coriolis flowmeter, but bitumen is really viscous, we cannot change to DN15 coriolis mass flowmeter, because the bitumen is hard to push thru a DN15 line
So we still use DN50 mass flowmeter which is the same as your pipe work. See below model selection for your applications:
catalog :
We are a China Mass flow meter supplier, and if you want to know above type corolis mass flowmeter price cost, welcome to contact us.

Question 2  Latex Flow Measurement

I need a flow meter to meet below technical specifications:
Fluid: Emulsion polymers(Latex)
Viscosity Min.: 1000 cPS
Viscosity Work: 2000 cPS
Viscosity Max.: 3000 cPS
Fluid Temperature: 10- 35°C
Pumping system:  Pulsing by pneumatic pump dual-diaphragm.
Flow Normal: 20-30 m3
Latex Flow Max: 60 m3
Pressure Work: 1-3 bar
Pressure Max: 7 bar
Pipe DN: 3”
Connection: Flange ANSI S150
Material in contact with the fluid: SS 316
Power Supply: 220VCA-50Hz
Explosión –Proof Symbol: EX d ib II T5 Gb
Output signal:  4-20 mA ; standard RS 485

Hi, Thanks to contact Silver Automation Instruments, according to your description, we can see the latex is really vicious, and currently we can only recommend Coriolis Mass flow meter for you, below is the model which is suitable for your Emulsion polymers(Latex) flow measurement. We also include batch control function in the coriolis meters.
SH-CMF series Coriolis mass flow meter
More information about Coriolis mass flow meter,please refer below link:
If you want to know above corolis meter price cost , welcome to send email to SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS.

More technical specfications on Coriolis flow meters

coriolis flow meter low cost

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