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2 inch turbine flow meter

2 inch turbine flow meter

  • Inline turbine flow meter

    Inline turbine flow meter

    Inline turbine flow meter is a precisionflow measuring instrument that can be used to measure the flow and total volumeo...

  • 8” Gas turbine flow meter

    8” Gas turbine flow meter

    Gas turbine flowmeter is intended for volumetric flow rate measurement of natural gas, LPG, nitrogen, gas, biogas, air, ...

What are 2 inch turbine flow meters and applications?

2 inch turbine flow meter refers to the turbine flow sensor with 50mm size. DN50 turbine flow meter can be used to take volumetric flow measurement of petroleum, organic liquid, biogas, LPG gas, liquefied gas, natural gas, hydrocarbon gas, nitrogen, cryogenic fluid, water, diesel, High-pressure hydraulic oil, methanol and other non-impurity, non-corrosive. 2 inch turbine flow meter has many applications in turbine heating systems, boilers measurement of water supply, heat exchange system, air conditioning circulating water, etc.

How DN50 turbine flow meters work?

Inline turbine flow transmitter first converts the flow rate into the rotational speed of the turbine, and then converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate.

Features and technical specifications of 2 inch turbine type flow meter

  • 2” turbine flow meter can measure 17-176 GPM liquid, turbine gas flow meter can detect gas flow range :6-65 m3/h or 10-100 m3/h
  • Pressure rating for DN50 turbine flow meter: PN16, PN25, JIS 10K, 150LB, 300LB, 600#
  • All stainless steel turbine flow meter
  • Turbine flow meter can detect max 150°C (302)°F liquid or max 80 °C gas.
  • Intelligent and electronic flow indicator with LCD display to show fluids instantaneous flow rate and totalized flow
  • Turbine flow meter has high accuracy, for liquid measurement it can reach to 0.5 or 0.2%, for gas measurement it can reach to 1.0-1.5%
  • Can be made into high pressure turbine flow meter or low flow turbine flow meter
  • Battery power supply or 24V DC power supply
  • Low pressure loss
  • Turbine flow transmitter output: 4-20mA current or frequency or pulse, option communication for electronic turbine meter is HART or Modbus
  • 2 inch turbine gas flow meter can be with temperature or pressure compensation
  • Process connection for inline turbine flow sensor: Tri-clamp and sanitary turbine flow meter, wafer turbine flow meter, thread, flange
  • Turbine flow meter price is low from China flow meter manufactures, cost starts from 200$

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