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Battery operated liquid turbine flow meter

Battery operated liquid turbine flow meter

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SLW-B series battery operated liquid turbine flow meter is intended to clean, low viscosity and low corrosively liquid measurement where main power supply is impossible. Turbine type flow sensor can measure diesel fuel, DI water, tap water, drinking water, ethanol.etc.

How it work?

The passing liquid makes the inside turbine sensor rotor to rotate whose velocity is related with the flow rate. The magnetic pick-up coil picks up the moving of the rotor and convert into the signals, turbine flow sensor is volume flow sensor.

Features & Specifications

Simple &low cost price flow meter
Battery operated where 24V DC or 220V AC is not needed
LCD display, turbine flow transmitter can show instant flow and total flow
Low maintenance and high accuracy 0.5%
Various flow units option: GPM, LPH, LPM,m3/h, t/h,kg/h, ft3/h
Size from 1/8” to 8”, normal request, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch turbine flow meter
Process connection: wafer, thread, flange, tri-clamp sanitary turbine flow meter
✔ No output
Stainless steel flow meter

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