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FAQ For SLW Series Liquid Turbine Flow meter

What kind of Medium can be measured by SLW series Liquid turbine flow meter?
Tap water, purified water, mineral water, cold water, hot water, boiling water, ice water, ammonia water, demineralized water, beverage, beer, liquor, alcohol, ethanol, methanol, non-corrosive chemical solvent, diesel, motor oil, gasoline, Hydraulic oil, olive oil, corn oil, castor oil, salad oil, blending oil, sesame oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, edible oil, laundry detergent, detergent.,etc

What is the delivery time for the Liquid Turbine Flow meter ?
Normally 5-7 working days for standard configuation after payment received, if you need tailored turbine flow meter, such as different thread or flange standard, please confirm with Silver Instruments to confirm delivery time.

Does your price including the shipping cost?
No.Our quotation price term is EXW (Ex-works), if you need us to arrange shipping ,we can calucate the shipping cost for you and you can make the shipping cost to us in advance.

Can a liquid turbine measure the medium with high viscosity? For example, we want to measure resin flow or to measure crude oil flow rate by TUF flow meter?
The liquid turbine flowmeter is suitable for low viscosity and clean liquid flow measurement, not suitable for high viscosity media, please consider oval gear flowmeter and coriolis mass flowmeter for crude oil and resin flow measurement.

What is the max liquid temperature for liquid turbine flow meter can measure?
SLW series liquid turbine can measure fluids up to 150 degrees Celsius. This high temperature flowmeter is a special custom product. Please specify silver automation instruments when getting price and ordering.

I want a batch control function for liquid turbine flow meter, does Silver Automation Instruments sell batch control turbine flowmeter?
You can equip our batch controller together with our turbine flow meter to realise batch control fuction. Click here for the AJD series batch controller information.

Can SLW series liquid turbine flow meter both have 4-20mA and pulse at the same time?
The SLW-Cx series of 3-wire liquid turbine sensors can simultaneously output 4-20 mA and pulse. This flowmeter is a tailored instrument; please indicate to Silver Automation Instruments when ordering.

Can a liquid turbine flow meter measure gas?
No, the density of the gas is much smaller than the density of the liquid, so the gas turbine flowmeter is structurally distinct from the liquid turbine flowmeter, which cannot be used to measure gas. If you need a gas flow meter, please consult Silver Automation Instruments.

What is the manufacture standard for flowmeter flanges? Can other standards be customized when ording flow meter, such as ANSI, 150LB?
The flange standard is DIN PN16. If you need other high pressure flanges and other stanard flanges, such as JIS, ANSI, please contact Silver Automation Instruments when ordering.

Can liquid turbine meters be used in the hygienic industry?
Yes. You can choose 316 Stainless steel housing materials, tri-clover process connection for hygienic industry, such as drinking water flow measurement, milk flow measurement and so on.

Can liquid turbine measure the acid medium? Like vinegar?
Liquid turbine flow meter can be used to measure weak acid liquid. But we do not recommend liquid turbine to measure vinegar. You can choose electromagnetic flow meter to measure vinegar.

I want to choose the SLW-N series turbine with pulse output model. Can I set the pulse output 1 pulse/liter?
The SLW-N type cannot set the scaled pulse. Please order the SLW-C series turbine flow meter, it can set 1 pulse/liter.

I want to configure the flow unit of the SLW-C series turbine flow transmitters, can I?
Yes, our digital display currently has the following flow units to select:

Flow Unit,Total Flow Unit
  • M3/h,M3
  • L/h,L
  • L/min,L
  • US Gal/min,US Gal
  • UK Gal/min,UK Gal
  • US Gal/h,US Gal
  • UK Gal/min,UK Gal
  • KG/h,Kg
  • t/h,T
  • Ft3/h,Ft3

Does the liquid turbine flow meter request straight pipeline when installation?
Yes. Upstream: allow a minimum straight pipe length at least 10 times the internal diameter of the pipe. For example, with the 50mm pipe, there should be 500mm of straight pipe immediately upstream. Desired upstream straight pipe length is 1000mm.Downstream: allow a minimum straight pipe length at least 5 times the internal diameter of the pipe. For example, with the 50mm pipe, there should be 250mm of straight pipe immediately upstream. Desired upstream straight pipe length is 500mm.

Can a liquid turbine measure the liquid containing gas?
No, when the gas flows through the measuring tube, it causes the turbine to rotate. The measured result is the flow of gas and liquid, resulting in inaccurate flow displayed by the liquid turbine flow meter.

Does Silver Automation Instruments supply the battery powered liquid turbine flow transmitters? How long can the battery are used? Is it possible to buy a battery for a turbine flow meter in the local market?
SLW-B is battery-powered liquid turbine flow meter. The battery can be used for years and if the battery is used up. Please contact Silver to purchase.

The SLW-B series battery powered liquid turbine can have pulse or 4-20 mA output ?
No, SLW-B series does not have any output, if you need pulse or 4-20 mA output, please order SLW-N, SLW-A, SLW-C series flowmeter.

What is the max size liquid turbine flow meter Silver Automation Instruments can supplier?
Currently, the maximum diameter we can supply is DN200 turbine flow meter,8 inch turbine flow meter.

The measuring liquid contains some small solids. Can a liquid turbine be used?
No, the liquid turbine can only measure clean liquid. If there are impurities, please install the filter.

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