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Helium gas flow meter

Helium gas flow meter

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    Thermal Mass Flow Meter

    China thermal mass flow meter with cheap price. Gas flow meter for compressed air flow meter,biogas flow meter ,LPG flow...

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    Gas Turbine Flow Meter

    Robust Gas flow meter for natural gas,LPG,biogas flow measurement.Inquiry Gas TUF Flowmeter price with EVC directly from...

SRK series thermal mass flow meter is a smart and economical choice for helium gas flow measurement which with reliable measurement and low price cost, it can precisely monitor the helium gas consumption, sensitively detect the gas leakages also with abundant outputs and protocols for process control. Helium (He) gas is a kind of inert gas and not easy to react with other elements and it is widely used in many industrial applications, helium flow measuring devices is then very important. Silver Automation Instruments is an expert in the gas measurement field and always support customer with a variety of rugged design gas flow meter and economical price cost.

Thermal mass flow meter for He gas flow rate measurement

Fast response and sensitivity
Flow transmitters with large turn down ratio: 100:1 to cover wide gas range
Direct helium gas mass flow rate measurement, no external temperature and pressure compensation needed.
In line gas flow sensor or insertion thermal probes (for large size pipelines or ducts)
Low pressure drop
High accuracy gas flow meter with accuracy 1% of reading
Interface: current, pulse, Modbus, HART
Digital gas flow meter with display to show instant flow and total flow
Various helium gas flow metering units options: SCFM, Nm3/h, Kg/h, SLM.,etc

Besides Thermal mass flow meter, we can also use turbine gas flow meter, vortex shedding flow meter for helium gas measurement.

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