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Tri clamp (tri-clover) flow meter

Tri clamp fitting flow meter is mainly with stainless steel wet parts material also tri-clamp process connection for sanitary and hygienic purpose, in-line type flow sensor is widely used in food industry, such as dairy, food-processing, soft drinking industry and so on. Frequent request size including 1”, 1-1/2", 2.5 inch or even 3 inch sanitary flow meter sensor.

Electromagnetic flow meter with tri-clover process connection

Based on Faraday’s Law, Mag meters measure fluids with conductivity, such as juice, milk, vinegar, tap water.,etc. 1.5” tri-clover compatible sanitary and flexible process connections for easy mounting and CIP system. 1”,1-1/2" , 2 inch sanitary mag flow meter is often requested.

Turbine flow meter with tri-clover process connection

Volumetric digital flow meter for clean and low viscosity liquid measurement, such as wine, milk, beer, clean water, vegetable oil, edible oil, palm oil, fish oil. etc.It is constructed of stainless steel for a durable and economic flow metering in sanitary environments. 1” 1.5”, 2” and 3” tri clamp turbine flow meter is available here.

Coriolis mass flow meter and oval gear flow meter with tri clamp fitting

Coriolis meter and Oval meter is mainly used for high viscosity fluids measurement, such as sweeteners, edible oil, palm oil, honey, grease, tallow, fats and oil, syrup, molasses.,etc. Coriolis flow meter is a directly mass measurements instrument with high accuracy; it can show liquid temperature, pressure, mass flow rate, total mass flow, even concentration information.

Metal tube Rotameter with tri-clover process connection

Metal tube Rotameter with tri-clover connection is a kind of variable area flow meter, It is a reliable and stable technology flow meter indicator , can be used to measure gas or liquid, it can be made into simple mechanical pointer type or rotameter with flow transmitter. It is a kind of versatile flow meter for water, juice, milk, beer. etc

Vortex flow meter with tri clamp flow meter

1.5 inch vortex shedding flow meter with tri-clover fitting can be used to measure high temperature fluids, such as hot water, hot oil.,etc , besides, It is also a economical solution for milk, water ,drinking water . All stainless steel construction make is a reliable choice for the industry where sanitary and hygienic purpose is needed. Customer often request 25mm, 40mm, 50mm.65mm tri-clamp vortex flow meter.

  • Sanitary Magnetic flow meterSanitary Magnetic flow meter2018/11/21SHD-SE13 Magmeter sensor is a type sanitary type flow measuring device.It can measure tap water, tomato paste, liquid egg, molasses, juice, vinegar and so on which are widely used in food-processing, beer and pharmaceutical industries.view
  • Sanitary Hygienic Liquid Turbine Flow meterSanitary Hygienic Liquid Turbine Flow meter2018/11/21​Hygienic Turbine Flow meter is for clean water, milk, palm oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, fish oil flow measurement ,it is used in the dairy, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.view
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  • Sanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meterSanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meter2019/06/12Sanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meter is with tri-clamp end fitting and 316L SS wet parts material for food, dairy, bio-technology, and pharmaceutical applications.SH-CMF Coriolis meter is designe...view
  • Hygienic metal tube rotameter/Sanitary rotameterHygienic metal tube rotameter/Sanitary rotameter2019/06/09Hygienic and sanitary variable area flow meter is used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It can measure milk, juice, vinegar,RO water, deionized water and so on.FeaturesTri-clamp end fi...view
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