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Tri-clamp style Vortex flow meter

Tri-clamp style Vortex flow meter

Sanitary vortex shedding flow meter with Tri-clamp connection and all stainless steel material for food, diary and pharmaceutical hygienic fluids flow measurement & CIP (in-line cleaning).It can be used to measure hot water ,milk, chemical solution and so on.


Tri-clamp connection & in-line vortex flow sensor, 1”, 2”, 3” size available
All stainless steel vortex flow meter
High temperature flow meter which can bear fluids temperature up to 350°C
Powerful and easy configuration vortex flow transmitter
Easy installation and save a lot installation cost
Small pressure loss
Large measuring range and high accuracy
Accurate flow measurement is not affected by the fluids density, pressure, temperature, also viscosity
No moving mechanical parts inside the vortex flow sensor, so high reliability and low maintenance
Low price cost flow meter
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