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In-line air flow meter

Air flow rate measurement, also compressed air is vital demand in many factories, industry, lab, facilities.We, Silver Automation Instruments, have in-line air flow meters for sale, we have low price cost compressed air meter with rugged construction ,reliable performance and accurate measurement, air flow metre has digital indicators for instantaneous flow rate and accumulated flow.

Thermal mass flow meter for air flow rate

Instant flow unit option for air/compressed air: SCFM, NL/min, g/min,g/s,Kg/min,Kg/h,Nm3/h,Nm3/min,NL/h,
Total flow unit options: CFM, g,Kg, Nm3,NL,
Thermal dispersion flow meter is air mass flow measurement, not volumetric flow meter
Digital air flow rate meters with digital outputs or protocols for process control and network integration, such as 4-20Ma, pulse, frequency,RS485(Modbus), HART

Besides thermal air meter, we also use in-line type vortex shedding flow meter and turbine flow meter for air measurement; both of them are volumetric digital flow meter. They can get high accurate air measurement value from the air sensor, and vivid display of the measurement value.SGW –D series gas turbine flow meter is a kind of gas meter with built-in temperature and pressure compensation, which can direct get normal air flow rate without other devices.

Variable Area Flow Meter/Metal Tube Rotameter is in-line type air indicators for flow rate; we also have digital type rotameters with digital display, various output and protocols. Normal type air flow direction is from bottom to top, we also have horizontal mounting rotameter in low cost.

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