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Flue gas flow meter

Flue gas flow meter

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What is flue gas?

Flue gas refers to gaseous substances that pollute the environment when fossil fuels such as coal are burned. These exhaust gases are combustion hot air and residual substances and usually discharged from the flue, chimney, channel, stack, power boilers ,industrial furnaces, duct or boilers, Its composition is hot air, nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), water vapor (Moisture) and sulfide ( such as SO2), etc., inorganic pollutants account for more than 99% of the stack gases; the content of dust or particles, powder slag and sulfur dioxide is less than 1%. Some stack gas is from acid plant stack, may a little corrosive with SO2 (low level ppm ).

Why stack gas flow measurement is not easy.

Flue gas flow rate measurement sometimes is difficult, because the stack gas is high temperature ( up to 400-500 °c ), also the exhaust gas is dirty with solids and may also a little corrosive,The flue gas may also contained water vapor .

The stack or duct may also have large diameter or large pipeline or round ducts, rectangular or square ducts or HVAC air flow measurement in large duct. Stack flow meter technology and how to measure air flow rate is really troublesome.

However you can buy thermal mass flow meter as stack gas flow meter. It has insertion probe flow sensors install through the pipe or duct wall. Also all wet parts material is 316L for low acid gas measurement. Immersible mass flow meters can also measure moisture gas within 10% percentage. Thermal dispersion flow meters are for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) systems for flue gas or air emission monitoring and duct flow measurement. Ultrasonic stack gas flow meter is currently not available now for us.

Features of flue gas flow meter

  • Duct mounted air flow meter does not need temperature and pressure correction for gas flow measurement to realize mass flow measurement
  • Flue gas flow rate measurement is convenient and accurate. The stack gas mass flow or standard stack volume flow can be obtained
  • Stack gas flow transmitter has wide range ratio, can measure flue gas with flow velocity as high as 100Nm/s to 0.5Nm/s, which can be used for gas leak detection. It can detect flue gas at low pressure at 1-2Kpa or lower.
  • Low flow flow meter ,can detect micro flow rate of gas and air
  • Stack mass flow sensor has good seismic performance.
  • The duct flow sensor has no moving parts and flue gas measurement is not affected by vibration on measurement accuracy,
  • Easy installation and maintenance, stack gas flow meter can be inline type flow meter or insertion type flue gas mass flow meter.
  • Digital flue gas flow meter with electronic display, remote and integral display options
  • RS-485 communication, or HART communication, factory automation and integration can be realized, perfect choice for stack gas or air emission monitoring.
  • Low price cost from China flow meter manufacture

Technical specifications for exhaust gas flow meter

  • Applications: gas, air, combustion hot air, stack gas, flue gas, fare gas,air outlet of a stack after a scrubber, flue gases from natural gas,high temperature laden gases 
  • Size : from DN15 to DN6000, normal request 8 inches,DN 400mm, 500mm, 800mm, 900mm 1200mm ,2m, 3 meters,5 meters flue gas flow sensor
  • Install flue gas sensor : insertion with ball valve , NPT thread , flange connection, hot tap
  • Stack flue gas flow measurement accuracy: 1.0 or 1.5
  • High temperature for stack gas flow meter: max bear 350 °c
  • Output: current analog 4-20mA or RS485
  • Industrial air flow meter sensor material: 316 L or Teflon coated sensor
  • Duct air flow measuring device power supply: 220V AC or 24 V DC
  • Measured medium temperature: normal temperature -25°c ~ 100°c, high temperature can reach to 350 °c
  • Explosion-proof grade: intrinsically safe type iaIIbT3-T6
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Industrial air flow meter with many flow measurement units: CFM,SCFM, Nm3/h
  • Economical flow meter buy from China flow meter factory
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