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Industrial ultrasonic level sensor

Industrial ultrasonic level sensor

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What is industrial Ultrasonic level sensor?

The industrial ultrasonic level sensor is a level measurement instrument that measures the distance of objects in a solid and liquid medium. This ultrasonic level transducer makes use of ultrasonic waves to calculate the required distance. This ultrasonic level gauge has many advantages and that why it is been used in multiple industries. The use of high-frequency waves minimizes the risks of error and enables greater precision. These are non-contact level sensors that operate in closed as well as in open conditions, for example , it often use as ultrasonic water tank level meter or river level transmitter.

industrial ultrasonic level sensor

Working principal of Industrial ultrasonic level sensor

As indicated by its name, the ultrasonic sensor or transmitter uses ultrasonic waves as the source to calculate the distance. An ultrasonic element has two functions. To emit ultrasonic waves and to receive them back. An electronic ultrasonic level sensor then calculates the time difference to find the distance. When such a device is installed in a setting for calculation of distance, it sends its waves towards the surface of the matter. When these waves strike liquid or solid, they are deflected in the opposite direction. These returning waves are then received back by the transmitter. The difference in time between the emissions and reception of these waves is the measure of distance.


These sensors have a wide range of commercial applications due to multiple functions. Water and waste management plants use ultrasonic level gauge to measure the flow rate by determining the distance. Chemical industries use these sensors for measuring levels of corrosive, paints, resins, plastic, etc. These transmitters are also useful in fuel environments thus petrochemical industries use this for measuring fuel level. This application is also employed in vehicles for determination of fuel levels. As they can also be used for solid level sensing, different pharmaceutical industries, food processing plants, and other commercial areas use this for bulk determination. Considerable use of these devices is also employed in power industries, coal, and mining fields. The level sensors while operating in open conditions can also be used to detect the depth of water in rivers, lakes, and canals. Moreover, they can also sense the presence of solid subjects like the presence of submarines in seas and oceans.


  • 1- These ultrasonic level sensors favor high-level loop controls.
  • 2- The use of ultrasonic waves enables high-speed and more accurate calculations.
  • 3- Height control, wire break detection, and bulk level is also possible with these level sensors.
  • 4- Both liquid and solid surfaces support precision in ultrasonic wave reflection. This enables more applications.
  • 5- It works with an accuracy of 3mm.
  • 6- The level sensing device is small in size and also the applications are fully automated.

Ultrasonic level sensor price

These sensors also provide the advantage of being affordable. Their prices are not very high but it depends upon the quality. The price can range from $200 to up to $1000 according to different product specifications. The factors that influence its function, level range and technical specifications and thus the price are the type of application required. In case of tough conditions of chemical and petrochemical industries, high quality and forceful operations are needed, thus the price is a bit higher.

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