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Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Modbus Ultrasonic Level Sensor

This type ultrasonic level transmitters support the standard Modbus protocol, with two Modbus serial transmission modes: Modbus/ASCII and Modbus/RTU.

Technical Specifications of modbus ultrasonic level sensor

Lecel Range: 0~40m
Accuracy: 0.2% Full Span(In air)
Mode of Indication:4 Digit LCD
Output Current: 4-20mA
Serial Protocol: RS485(Modbus)
Band rate 19200/9600/4800
Output Load:0-500Ω
Parameter Set Up:3 indicator buttons
Temperature Range:-40℃~80℃
Temperature Compensation: The whole range is automatic
Pressure Range:±0.1MPa(press definitely)
Power Supply:DC20-32v ≥60mA
Cable Fix:PG13.5
Beam Angle:8°(3db)
Crust Material: ABS
Sensor Material :PVC
Protect Brade: IP67
Mode Installation: Worl(G2),Flange or the support
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